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  • drokkon


    I’m making this suggestion because there seems to be a need among users of multi-page posts and nobody to meet them since the “Multi-page Toolkit” plugin appears to be defunct.

    I also suggested these to the “View All Button” plugin, but this looks like a relatively attended-to plugin, so I thought I’d ask you too!

    There doesn’t seem to be a comprehensive post paging plugin. Consider adding the functionality of the View All Button plugin, the Indizar plugin, and something that could help someone generate a drop-down TOC or at least “name” each page (a la feature articles at

    Here’s a list of possible capabilities:

    • wp_link_pages currently lets you do a list of numbers OR previous/next links. Allow for both!
    • add a “view all pages” link (like this plugin already does!)
    • add the capability to “name” each page, which would allow for:
    • table of contents! Allow short code to put the TOC whereever you wanted (top or bottom of the article, possibly floated left or right) or, better yet, in a drop down you could position at the top and/or bottom of the article (again, like feature articles on Toms Hardware).
    • If the plugin made use of the <!– nextpage –> tag (which would be great to preclude the need for theme editing), it would be awesome if it also added the “next page” button back to the TinyMCE toolbar!
    • Finally, all of these options should be able to be mixed and matched, turned on and off. 🙂

    Just a wishlist!

    I’d write such a plugin were I capable. 🙂

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