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  • Hi.

    Have serious problems with activating symbiosis mode…

    Done install of oscommerce.(experienced user of Oscommerce)
    Done install of wordpress. (experienced user of wp)
    Put plugin.php where it belongs.
    Changed wposc-configure.php in symbiosis and set the WP sql data.
    // ** Mode: SYMBIOSIS or STANDALONE ? ** //
    define(‘WPOSC_MODE’, ‘SYMBIOSIS’);

    // ** if SYMBIOSIS : Your WordPress MySQL settings ? ** //
    define(‘WORDPRESS_DB_NAME’, ‘xxxxx_wposc‘); // The name of the database
    define(‘WORDPRESS_DB_USER’, ‘xxxxxxxxx’); // Your MySQL username
    define(‘WORDPRESS_DB_PASSWORD’, ‘xxxxxxxx’); // Your MySQL password
    define(‘WORDPRESS_DB_HOST’, ‘xxxxxx’); // Your MySQL Host
    define(‘WORDPRESS_TABLE_PREFIX’, ‘wp_’); // Table Prefix

    I get error xxxxxx_oscwp.wp_options doesnt exist..

    Why it wants to use OSCWP database while i set DBname WPOSC ???


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  • 1. Symbiosis Mode : WP.osC allows you to integrate osCommerce into an existing WordPress website. No need to change the look and feel (or code!) of your WordPress website. The WP.osC installation is to be entirely separate from The WordPress installation, although the two may use the same theme. Just make a copy of your current WordPress template, replace WordPress functions with WP.osC functions and then put it in the “themes” directory of WP.osC.

    I did it exactly as mentioned in but i have been encountered with problem
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_singular() in D:\wamp\www\wordpress-3\shop\themes\twentyten\header.php on line 31

    I am not clear replace WordPress functions with WP.osC functions is it the template function of wp replaced by which osc function

    Saw this post and thought i would throw my hat into the ring so to speak. My team are about a week away from creating the “holy grail” of wordpress ecommerce a fully functional and secure osCommerce plug in for WP.

    Yes it is a monster task, but thankfully i have a genius running the team and we are 80% with no issues to date.

    We are also looking for beta can sign up at


    I registered but could not log in

    @ tamojyoti

    are you talking about registering at my site?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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