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  • It’s doing the exact same thing to me. This plugin did look promising, but it seems to not work on my site. I’m using WordPress V 3.4 in case you’re wondering.

    Yes @immortalguru, I upgraded to 3.4 as well. Not that I expected upgrading to help, but for the record it appears to have made no difference.

    Any news on this? I have the same issue…
    Can’t find where it went wrong…

    No news. I gave up and switched to WooSlider from WooThemes.

    They acquired the jQuery “FlexSlider” code and then built the WooSlider on top of it. It’s a premium plugin, but they have fantastic support and I find it’s worth it.

    hi HaveAnEpihany

    I need to find a slider that I can put on every page that uses categories to show the posts in the slider for a particular page. Does WooSlider do this? (I don’t want to have to pay the money to find out its not what I want!)

    Thanks alot

    Hi smitchio,

    From what you’ve said, I believe you’ll find WooSlider will do this. It allows adding a slider to any page or post via shortcode. The plugin creates a custom post type that has its own “Slide Groups” taxonomy. This would allow for categorization of your slides.

    I hope this helps!

    Re-reading your question, I just want to clarify one point: with WooSlider, the slides are in fact a “Custom Post Type” (called “Slideshows”). While any slide can be linked to a given WordPress “Post,” there is no relationship between the slides and your WordPress posts.

    That being said, WooSlider permits the insertion of a slideshow that is populated by your WordPress “posts” rather than the custom post type that it creates. When adding a slideshow such as this, you are given an opportunity to select from the “categories” of your WordPress posts in order to determine which posts will be shown. I actually haven’t been using the plugin in this way, but your question made me go take a second look and it does, in fact, operate this way.

    Hope this helps!

    I found a solution that works for me based on Zurb’s Orbit documentation:

    On the div that contains the images hide the images until the class “.orbit” is added through the JavaScript.

    In Zurb’s documentation they give the image container block a fixed width/height and call a loading spinner image. I didn’t need the height/width in my instance and didn’t load a spinner.

    /* hiding Orbit images on load */
    #orbit-inside { background: #333333;} /* loading image would go here */
    #orbit-inside img {display:none;}
    #orbit-inside.orbit { background: none;}
    #orbit-inside.orbit img {display:block;}

    In Zurb’s docs, they reference a #featured div. The WP Orbit Slider plugin labels it div #orbit-inside.

    the above is the correct and also you can add loading.gif image also.
    by using the below code its working.
    #orbit-inside { background: url(images/loading.gif) center center #f4f4f4 no-repeat; height: 300px;} /* loading image would go here */
    #orbit-inside img {display:none;}

    #orbit-inside.orbit { background: none;}
    #orbit-inside.orbit img {display:block;}

    Hm. This new CSS isn’t working for me. Too bad — looks like it could have been just what I needed. Testing here (at the bottom):

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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