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  • Plugin Author virtualpudding


    Hey Divstudio,

    I followed the guide and have succesfully changed image size.

    Things to check…

    1. <?php if ( function_exists( 'add_image_size' ) ) { add_image_size( 'orbit-custom', 940, 300, true ); } ?>

      you may need to remove the php tags if already inside any open php tags

    2. In slider options, under ‘advanced settings’ select “Custom Size”
    3. NOTE: This should be done before adding your slides as the image size (and possible crop) is generated on first upload of file to the slide. If you already have the slides in place. I recommend this plugin (always handy for other things the future.
      After install, you’ll find it under the WordPress tools menu > regen. thumbs
    4. Also, something to note. This slider is responsive. So if you feel you have followed all the steps correctly and it still seems contrained, that will be the surrounding div.

    Let me know how you get on, any problems just get back in touch.
    Its difficult when on localhost for me to check the possible problems.

    Hope this helps

    ok thanks a lot i just had to delete my slides and add new ones : custom size OK !
    sorry i should have think about that !

    orbit thumbnails are created automatically , but is it possible to load my own thumbnails?
    Do i have to modify the js file to write thumbs directory ?

    thx !

    Plugin Author virtualpudding


    Hey, glad to hear you got your slider working!

    As for, slider thumbnails.
    If you are refering to the using thumbnails instead of bullets, unfortunately this plugin will not do that at this stage.

    You could poke around with the plugin code but will lose all changes in new versions.

    If you are looking to really customise the orbit slider a lot, I totally suggest just hardcoding it and bypass using the plugin at all.
    Especially useful if you are, say, only planning a nice large slider on your home page.
    The original (non-Wordpress) project by Zurb is at

    If you follow their instructions, its not difficult to get a very custom slider up and running.

    Hope this helps


    i got the same difficulty with the custom image size.
    I dont get it in fact.

    if i set some css for the suroundiv div or on the custom-slider css class, i loose the responsive capacity of the slider, right ?

    when i use the function add_image_size() as suggested, nothing happened, i mean the slider use a unknown (from me) size and not mine. (i removed the slide, the featured image before setting the custom size as you said earlier)

    So, how do i set the slider to use my image size, let’s say 966*425 for example please ?

    thanks a lot for this plugin ! looking forward for the next release

    ok, my mistake with the custom settings in Slider Options.

    every thing work now except the captions that have disappeared since custom resizing.
    i check the javascript generated, it is ok
    i check the html generated, it includes the caption text.
    But no display of the caption (there is no main content in the slide) on the slide

    Any idea about that ?

    Thanks !

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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