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  • /wp-admin/admin.php?page=WP-Optimize

    When i try to get here i get blank page. How is this possible? 60 sites all of them all of the sudden not working wp-optimize and i get blank page. Please give me some tips how to fix this… maybe is my host preventing me to go there? is this possible?

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  • dadaas


    This is maybe wordpress issue because all my domains are giving blank page if they contain wp-optimize inside url.

    please tell me how to fix it.


    I know page with wp-optimize does not exist, but it should give me 404 error page and not blaky. As well any other url that contains wp-optimize is giving me blank page…

    tryed disabling plugins and fresh install and same thing…



    I even unistalled the plugin and blank page is still there when i include wp-optimize in my url… so m i hacked? Or what the hell is going on?



    Asked my host and they say that this plugin messed my wordpress system and now every url containing wp-optimize is blank page. So please help me out here by telling me where to search to remove wp-optimize from my system because unistalling and deleting plugin is not working.

    Creator of this plugin is not responding and i have no clue what is going on. BUT!

    This plugin should be removed or marked as very dangerous because it will mess up your wordpress. I was not able to unistall wp-optimize because it contains wp-optimize inside url when clicking deactivate and then i get blank page as well.

    So i deleted the plugin from ftp and this have removed wp-plugin from my wordpress but wp-optimize inside url is still going to blank page.

    Like i say that i have contacted my host and they told me this:
    The URL appears to be resolving to a blank page due a configuration with the scripting of your files. This is not a server side issue that is causing this.

    So please help me out ehre, what did wp-optimize mess? Where in wordpress you can make some words when used in url to go to blank page?
    Is this some kind of filter words?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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