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  • Already being familiar with osCommerce, I decided to give this plugin a try. After some initial smoke testing, I was happy to see it working very well.

    Everyone who does web-based sales or email marketing knows the value of their user list. The money is in the list!

    So, I evaluate every plugin by what features it adds to my website and how those features add value to my website’s users. Based on this, I’ve come up with a couple issues, I would consider fairly major, and that would have to be resolved before I could ever consider going live with this plugin on one of my websites.

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    1. I have not found any user integration between WordPress and this plugin. Why would I want people who already have a registered account on my WordPress website, to also have to register an account with this plugin, just to access my store? Unless I’m missing something, that is a terrible oversight, especially when evaluating user experience.

    This plugin should expand on the WordPress “users” area, allowing all registered users to be logged into both the WordPress website and the Store. If I have 100,000 or even 1,000,000 subscribers on my WordPress website, why should they have to create another account to use my store?

    When a person registers a user account on the WordPress website, that should give them access to the store. If a person registers for an account through the store (I.E. this plugin), it should add them to the WordPress website’s users automatically.

    Am I missing something here?

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    2. Having a newsletter and mass email feature is a H-U-G-E deal, adding to the awesomeness of this plugin. Kudos to the brains behind those features 😉

    However, I don’t see that this plugin has any control over time and volume when sending out email, which, to me, is another terrible oversight.

    Again, if I have 100,000 or even 1,000,000 subscribers on my WordPress website, and I want to email them all, it is extremely highly likely I’m going to end up getting blocked for spamming?

    There has to be some controls added for volume and timing.

    AOL, Apple, Google, Microsoft and most other email providers (public and private) have limits on the number of delivered messages coming in to their systems, within a specified amount of time. They also have limits on the total number of emails, received on their system, by a specific sender, within a specified amount of time.

    Your system only accounts for small lists and I don’t know anyone who builds an online storefront thinking they want to only sell to a few people. That’s the point of the internet – sell to everyone.

    Again, I may be missing something. If that is the case, cool – just point me to the place(s) I need to go to configure these types of controls

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    The whole idea of your plugin is to provide an online storefront, and with the exception of the two issues I listed above, I think it does this very well.

    Thank you for your commitment to WordPress with the development of this awesome plugin.

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