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  • Hi!
    I’ve just installed wp-o-matic plugin on my blog. It should extract news from news feeds and re-publish them – as the flyier says 🙂
    Anyway, in this morning they were 20000 posts already;the cronjob runs every 2 hours. Now I’ve opened the site ( BTW) and I don’t see any posts. They’re all gone.
    In the admin’s panel it says the same, 0 posts, however the wp-o-matic campains are displaying the number of posts published.
    Very interesting is also another thing: in phpmyadmin I can see the wp_posts table is ‘in use’; from almost half hour now.

    I’d really like to know if this is a stable plugin since is the second time since it happens. The first time I didn’t think too much and just reinstalled everything, in a new database, but now I’m wondering…

    I do have a lot of feeds (I think, I haven’t found yet anything about the plugin’s limits, if any) … a little more over 250.

    So, does anyone knows what hapens and, very important, how can it be fixed? I’d like to use this wp-o-matic plugin since is free, but if it doesn’t work (for me) I’d rather pay the alternative – autoblogger I think is the name.

    Is very late now and I’ll go to sleep; I hope I’ll read some sollutions tomorrow when I wake up or, who know, maybe the wp_posts table will finish whatever it’s doing and the site will have posts, again.

    Thank you!

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