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  • On a related note, the tags should be [nonreg][/nonreg] and [reg][/reg]* for unregistered and registered users, respectively.

    Certainly, it would be longer, but more explicit…

    * Or something along those lines.

    lionel_chollet thanks for the comments, I appreciate them. On the [/] showing up, I had to tweak the initial scripts to work with the current hosting provider I use to display correctly and this could be something with alternate hosting php versions and themes. On my hosting provider, I am utilizing the script as is with no issues.

    For the 2nd comment, similar to the reasoning above, I had to shorten the string matching for some reason on my host to work correctly. If I utilized explicit terms, it would break and display portions of the matching string. I didn’t have that problem on my own local php version so I just shortened them and kept it simple if not readily explicit.

    Thank you for your comments, I appreciate them. As stated in the plugin, anyone can do whatever they like to the code to make it functional for them. It’s fairly simple and easily changed.

    Thanks robertd for the quick reply.

    Tried to tweak the script but to no avail — WordPress 2.5.1 fr_FR, PHP 5.25

    Had to stay with HidePost, which can only display one message (always the same — it can be set in the plugin’s option page) for non-registered users.

    I’d have liked to use the flexibility a plugin like WP NonRegContent could offer.

    I’m sorry to hear that it wouldn’t work on your installation. My host is running PHP 5.2.6 with WordPress 2.5.1 English. Theoretically, the theme shouldn’t matter, but it’s possible. I’m running turuncu gemi 1.0.

    As a sidenote, the problems you are experiencing are the same that I ran into with the HideThis plugin my plugin is based upon. Thus, the tweaks I mention in mine came about to correct. For simple string matching, I’m quite confused why there is any issue.

    If I do find a fix, I will update the plugin.

    It is not working in my installation too.

    This plugin has been scrapped. The plugins which this plugin were based upon exhibited the same issues as described for whatever reason on my installation. However, the version here worked fine after the string matching tweaks.

    If someone likes the idea feel free to migrate the plugin forward. I have no use for it anymore as I have moved away from registered content.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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