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    Hmm, normally the admins need not to have access to very personal settings of dedicated users. Thatswhy the language option is resticted to the profile page and not visible at the user page the admin uses to maintain users.

    But you are right, if at multisite installation each blog has got an other default language configured, than this should be respected as default for the user. I have to check, if this is working and will make it working if not yet possible.

    The only questionable thing is: If a user is member of more than one blog this user will than get in case of profile mode the last saved language at each of them regardless what lang the current blog will have. To circumnvent this, you have than only the chance to enable the lang admin bar switcher to allow users to switch easy to another lang.

    In my opinion it makes not sence to store per blog a user lang but it makes sence to respect the sub blogs configured lang in first place.


    Thanks for your reply!

    In my setup, I use the WordPress Network feature to create a multilingual site. My goal would be that the admin area is in my native language (nl_NL) regardless of the language of the site (I’m having a difficult time navigating the French admin area ;-). This works fine in the current version of the plugin.

    The reason for my feature request is that, as an admin, I would like to setup things right for the other editors, including the default profile language.

    Plugin Author codestyling


    If I get you right, the multiple sites are configured with a dedicated language setting for each of them. Normally new created users will default to the sites language automatically.
    Summarizing your feature request, you would expect to be able to pre-define a different language for user not related to the blog’s default one?

    Would it be enough to pre-define this language only, if the user will be fresh created or the registration will be approved?

    I wouldn’t enlarge the pluign to give admins the ability at later stages to change my personal settings. If I as user pro actively change it to let’s say german, I wouldn’t expect, that the admin can revert it to english and shows me initial dashboard as english even if I left it with german choice.


    Sorry for the delay…

    Your summary is correct.

    It would be a great help if the option would be available in the user registration form but in a network install, the “new user” form is very short (only a username and an e-mail addres is requested). So in that case the language setting would be very convenient in the “edit user” form (for admins only off course).

    Note that an administrator already has access to other users personal settings (except than for the language setting, if you code it that way).
    For support issues or when you install the plugin after all users are defined, it would help to have the language setting available for administrators, but off course it’s up to you!


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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