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  1. tuxlog
    Posted 7 years ago #

    woodstock and I developed a new, easy to use smiley plugin.

    wp-monalisa is the plugin that smiles at you like monalisa does. place the smilies of your choice in posts, pages or comments.

    There are a lot plugins for smiley support out there and some of them are really usefull.
    Most of them don't work out of the box and this is what wp-monalisa tries to achieve, giving you the ability to maintain your smilies and even turn them into img tags.

    it's easy and it smiles at you...what else do you want?
    find it at http://www.tuxlog.de/wordpress/2009/wp-monalisa


  2. Granit
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Nice plugin, but would it be possible to get it to show above the comment field instead of like now under it?

  3. tuxlog
    Posted 7 years ago #

    hello Granit,
    yes it is only a bit of manual work is necessary.
    first of all deactivate show smilies in commentform at the wp-monalisa admin dialog.
    then edit you comments.php (found in the theme folder)
    and add
    <?php wpml_comment($id) ?>

    at the place you want. most themes use $id as the variable of the post-id, this may be different with exotic themes.

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