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  • I get the same problem with the prior version and the latest version of WP Minify. Notices it works fine at home but not at work. A work, can see headers only and the rest is a blank screen. IE reports errors like a missing bracket in a piece of the code.

    It’s likely because your html code is not properly formatted. In other words, you have errors in your code. So when this plugin goes to condense there are wackiness happening. My sites have html minify on with this plugin and work perfectly in IE.

    I suggest you both use W3 validation to verify your non-minimifed site and correct the errors. And then see if wp minify works.

    I suspect the problem has to do with this code, generated by the Suffusion theme:

    <style type="text/css"><!--/*--><![CDATA[/*><!--*/

    According to, this is the correct way
    to embed CSS in an XHTML document which may be handled as either HTML4 or XHTML. I’m not expert enough to comment on whether WP-Minify should be able to handle that or whether the problem lies with Suffusion.

    But when I remove the CDATA lines, IE displays the minified page.

    I’ve seen a slightly different version to what you have there but if i recall its so as to support super old browsers that dont understand the <style> amd <script> tags. And if a browser doesnt understand script/style then they are WAY TOO OLD to handle anything you serve up. I personally dont see the point of having the extra mess around [CDATA and in my code i simply use:

    /*<![CDATA[*/ …my code in here.. /*]]>*/

    I could technically patch this plugin for this lazy plugin author to include that fix but for me i just have no use for it.

    So just a clarification:

    CDATA works fine in wp-minify. In fact it seems to not touch it when looking at my page source. But i am guessing it is the extra fluff you have around it that is confusing wp-minify. So i recommend you keep CDATA in but just clean it up to have the standard /* */ like my last comment shows.

    That should solve your problem. My webpage has CDATA and works flawlessly in IE 6,7,8, and 9 with wp-minify’s minimize for JS,CSS, and HTML enabled.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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