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  • Yesterday I went to my blog to find it was blank. Completely white. I had to contact my host, who blamed it on the Minify plug in and deleted it for me. I’m scared to re-install it after I upgrade to 3.0.5.

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  • If you want to try again make sure you configure it “right”. It would be easy to break a site with this functionality. For example sometimes attempting to minify already “packed/minified” content can cause problems especially if it was already minified using some other minification engine. In other cases if your theme or another plugin are doing any buffer filtering it can conflict with the minification.

    • Check all the files you are attempting to minify and make sure they aren’t already minified.
      • If they are exclude them from minification in the setup
    • It looks like it can also minify the html content. I was minifying my own content manually on my site where I also had several WordPress installs and they were all broken. Turned out my minified html was breaking certain WordPress functionality similar to getting empty output. Try turning that feature off, could be something in your theme that doesn’t like that.
    • If you try again and have problems try excluding everything from mininfication and make sure the plugin itself isn’t conflicting. Then one by one add them back until it stops working then you know that one is a problem.

    See the screenshots for the plugin for a good example on how your settings should look for using this plugin.

    I haven’t used this plugin so I can’t speak anymore specifically but I bothered to answer because it looks pretty cool and I have worked on projects using on the fly minification on other projects in different languages and contexts. I hope you get it all working.

    But I am curious how much traffic your site gets and how often you update your site. If it isn’t a ton then definitely set the cache expiration on the minification files to some ridiculously large number to get the most benefit.

    I would also look into other types of caching if you looking are getting into site optimization. You are going to get more benefit from setting up caching for your site content (via htaccess or through plugins like wp-super-cache) than minifying your scripts and css files (depending on how many you have).

    Not a very specific answer but I hope it helps.

    Find your day well.

    I feel for you leighangela. It whacked my adsense scripts, and even after deleting the plugin it still won’t work right.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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