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  • Hello!

    I’m using Mingle on a site that requires very tight security, and because of that, I need to disable all email alerts, including all alerts involved with registration, adding contacts, etc. Everything.

    One possible solution I’ve found is to simply change all email alert setting for all users at the database level. Heck, maybe I could set up some kind of chron job to make that adjustment. But ideally, I’d just like to shut it all down.

    I’ve found what I think are the relevant funcions in MnglNotification.php. but commenting out the code doesn’t disable the emails:

    lines 282-308:

    function send_notification_email($user, $subject, $message, $message_type)
        // global $mngl_blogname, $mngl_options;
        // if(isset($user->hide_notifications[$message_type]))
        //   return;
        // $from_name     = $mngl_blogname; //senders name
        // $from_email    = get_option('admin_email'); //senders e-mail address
        // $recipient     = "{$to_name} <{$to_email}>"; //recipient
        // $header        = "From: {$from_name} <{$from_email}>"; //optional headerfields
        // $subject       = html_entity_decode(strip_tags(stripslashes($subject)));
        // $message       = html_entity_decode(strip_tags(stripslashes($message)));
        // $signature     = MnglNotification::get_mail_signature();
        // $to_email      = $user->email;
        // $to_name       = $user->screenname;
        // if( $mngl_options->mailer['type'] == 'smtp' )
          // $full_to_email = $to_email;
        // else
        //   $full_to_email = "{$to_name} <{$to_email}>";
        // MnglUtils::wp_mail($full_to_email, $subject, $message.$signature, $header);
        // do_action('mngl_notification', $user, $subject, $message.$signature);

    Can anyone guide me to the right solution here? I’ve also posted on the WPMingle boards, but I want to cover all my bases.

    Huge thanks in advance for your time!

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