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  • Is there some parameter that adds a link to the home page/front page? I noticed the “home_link” and “home_path” parameters, but these don’t seem to actually display a link in the menu.

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  • Just saw some code in another post that included a “show_home” parameter – which provides the needed functionality.

    However, there does not seem to be any mention of this parameter/option in the Read Me, nor in the list of options on the plugin page. FWIW.

    Thanks for the feedback, I’ll add this to the list of options in the plugin page when I upload the next version.

    oh, this is exactly what i’m looking for!!!
    but how to call it?

    seems not to work…

    And you’re using it in the php <?php ?> tags?

    ‘show_home’ is not present in the source code of this plugin so I suppose it’s not supported yet, but it would be very useful

    this plugin has a great potential – it needs just a few more options and a bit more detailed documentation


    hi scott!

    yes, i’m using it in the <?php ... ?> tags inside my header-template.
    (WP-Menu 0.25 under WP 2.7)

    I’m kind of confused by the last post: Is there this show_home-function and how is it working? could I label the homelink into something else (like “start”..) ?

    @airfoil – WP-Menu assumes you have created a Page that is your Homepage already, but I will add an option that lets you add a custom ‘start’ menu item apart from what WP sends to the plugin.

    @chodorowicz – In this next version (working on it now), it will be there and the documentation will be updated. As far as detailed documentation, how do you think I could explain it better?

    @skarck – I’ve added a new option in the next version called home_title which will let you change the name of your “Home” link. I’m also adding show_home as an option.

    New version has been uploaded, includes show_home and new custom start item.

    @sc0ttkclark thanks for the new version! concerning the documentation – for me many of the explanations for the parameters are too short and vague, i.e. “parent_href”, “accesskeys” (I have no idea what accesskeys are), what are the differences between “home_path” and “home_link” and maybe several others

    I think that you could try to elaborate on them a bit more and/or maybe provide some code examples (example of the generated html)

    We’re currently developing a new website which will include a much more extensive documentation page for this plugin. It should be up very soon, I’ll post a link to the new plugin page when it’s ready.

    great! thanks and waiting for it

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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