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  • @eggnog – show_home / home_path / home_link are only used if you have a page in your navigation specifically for Home. To add a new Home link, look at the custom link options recently added to WP-Menu.

    They will let you add a new custom menu item to the front of the menu, using start_title=Home&start_link=/

    Great news! Unique IDs for each LI! Can you please tell us, when you will be able to implement the new feature? The client makes the whole dev dependant on this…

    I checked the plugin code, it looks like I’ve already got this in there using classes:




    to output each item like this:

    <li class="submenu-PAGEID">

    Yes! Got it working. Thanks a lot.

    One suggestion: wouldn´t it be easier to provide a special class to chosen IDs in the argument string, like that:

    wp_menu ('unique_class=name_of_class&unique_ids=1,5,7,8,12');

    so we can use only one line of CSS:
    ul#leftnav li.name_of_class {background:url(images/menu_item_is_parent.gif) 0 5px no-repeat;}

    with following output (to still have the possibility to adress special IDs):
    <li class="name_of_class page_1">

    Instead of inflating the CSS like that:

    ul#leftnav li.page_1,
    ul#leftnav li.page_5,
    ul#leftnav li.page_7,
    ul#leftnav li.page_8,
    ul#leftnav li.page_12
    {background:url(images/menu_item_is_parent.gif) 0 5px no-repeat;}

    I like what you’ve thought up here, very good idea! I’ll look into adding this soon 🙂

    Can you explain how to use the c2p options? I’ve got a category called ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ that I’d like to have show up as a nav item.

    I was trying to create a menu based on your plugin but using background images assigned with unique_class through css (instead of text).

    I modified your plugin and added link_wrap parameter which allows me to wrap links into tags like this: <a href=""><SPAN>navigation link</SPAN></a> and then set #nav li a span to display:none.

    Some better way might be to actually display the images somehow (might be more SEO friendly ?) but this is just an idea.

    Anyway this is really great plugin!

    @philipz – I really like this idea, I’ll add a optional wrapper for each item inside the link (span) to help with styling.

    @jayred – We’re getting ready to launch our new site which will have much more in-depth documentation of this and our other plugins. ETA is about a week or less.


    thanks so much for this killer plugin. I think this should be in the WP core. One thing I’d love in addition to what you have built already would be depth level classes, for example, for the “active” class. I’ve worked around this, but especially in the single_secondary setup it would be great to have a level added to the active class.

    Thanks again. CORE. Go core with this.

    And support for hidden pages would be great. I know I can exclude them manually, but using the hidden status would be fantastic!


    I want to add my voice to the cheers for this plugin. It’s the only one I’ve found so far that seems really robust enough for a good size CMS.

    One snag I’ve found is distinguishing an active item from its ancestors. IOW, the active_class is assigned to an item, but also to its parent item. I want to style them differently but haven’t figured out how since they both get the same class selector.

    Is there an easy way to assign a different class to the parent of an active item?


    Hi – firstly, fantastic plugin!! Its been a big help and worked where others have failed for me so far!

    I’m using the wp_menu plugin to create the main horizontal nav with child page drop downs from parent page ids. Works great so far – unfortunately I don’t current have a link to site as I’m running the dev on a local machine.

    I have one question and one feature request.

    First the question:
    How can I incorporate category pages into my menu? I don’t really understand the c2p_cid and c2p_pid aspect of the plugin. I can’t get that to work for me. Could you please explain a little about what the c2p strings do and how to implement them. There are two category pages I’d like to include in my menu. Please see the diagram below where I’d like to add category page links.

    Feature request:
    I think it would be useful if the was a function within the plugin that redirects the parent page to the first child page in a menu list. I’m using parent pages as Categories with child pages within those parent page categories forming drop menus. i.e.

    | Parent Cat A | . . . . . . | Parent Cat B | . . . . . . | Parent Cat C |
    | child A1 | . . . . . . . . . | child B1 | . . . . . . . . . | child C1 |
    | child A2 | . . . . . . . . . | child B2 | . . . . . . . . . | child C2 |
    | child A3 | . . . . . . . . . | cat page? |. . . . . . . . | cat page? |

    When a user clicks on ‘Parent Cat A’ it’d be useful if there was an option to take them to ‘child A1’, Parent B to child B1 etc . I’ve achieved this by using a redirect in a page template, but think many creating horizontal drop nav would find it useful.

    Any help hugely appreciated

    Wondering about the secondary navigation with this plugin…

    I used this declaration in my sidebar.php file because I want to display a secondary navigation on every page:


    I was expecting to see an unordered list of child pages with the parent page listed as an <h2> above all wrapped in a nice little <div>.

    The problem is that the hrefs for the child links are all missing a backslash before the child page name.


    Obviously that isn’t working. Any idea how I can get a backslash between [parent-name] and [child-name]?

    The problem is that the hrefs for the child links are all missing a backslash before the child page name.


    mark007 – I’ve just been going through exactly the same problem and think I’ve solved it. Your milage may vary but the culprit for me was a plugin used to remove the category base from the permalink or otherwise alter the permalink in someway. Unfortunately I can’t remember specifically which plugin it was as I tried at least half a dozen. I’ll recognise it if I see it again though and let you know.

    The plug-in I was using allowed the user to modify the permalink and I’d missed off a trainlng /

    Have you altered your permalinks or removed your category base in any way?

    Could anyone get the start link feature to work? I can’t 🙁


    I double-checked it, I’m using it right and the values are correctly transfered to the WP-Menu function, but it won’t do anything.

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