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  • Hi there, I’m trying to set up a website using the theme “gears” I have it working the way I want but I can’t get secondary links working.
    I would really like to have those functioning.

    I’ve downloaded WP-Menu and installed it, but… what do I do now?
    There is no configuration for it in the main admin interface. How can I change the settings? How will I know it’s working?


    Hey James,

    Currently, there’s no admin interface (but that is planned) and there are plans to make it easier to implement in your theme.

    But for now, wherever you want your menu to appear, enter this code:

    For Single level nav:
    <?php wp_menu('nav_type=single'); ?>

    For Secondary level nav (sub pages of a page):
    <?php wp_menu('nav_type=secondary'); ?>

    For Site Map nav:
    <?php wp_menu('nav_type=sitemap'); ?>

    By “wherever you want your menu to appear” do you mean the header.php ?
    Or does this go in the CSS file.

    I’m just trying to figure out the implementation.

    Thanks for your help

    Ok. I think I see where it goes. In the case of gear it goes in the head.php file, which is were the menu is printed.
    Now the question is: how can i get this to look the way I want it to look?

    How do I tell it where to look in the CSS for style info?


    Find out how your previous menu was styled (IDs or Classes) and follow the options to customize how WP-Menu will output:

    I’m more than happy to help you find this out if you send me your CSS file and your head.php file (as it was before you added wp_menu to it)

    Ah! So I should tell it to use “Nav Id” and give that a value (like Nav)?

    Just to be sure I’d like to send you you my css and head.php
    I’ll need your email address, though.
    If you’d like you can email me at rubinstein(dot)james(at)gmail(dot)com



    Thanks for the great plug-in!

    I do have a quick question though; is it possible in “sitemap” mode to list Blog posts as well as pages? (assuming the WP installation’s home page is actually a Page as set in the “Reading” options!)

    Once again, thanks for your work on this plug-in and TIA for your help with this!

    It *should* be possible, I will have to look into that, but thank you for the great feature request!

    Hi Scott,
    your plug-in is in use (blog is in preparation) and works like a charm.
    But I can´t find a way to give a special class to special menu items.
    I want to highlight parent links with a certain background-picture to make obvious, that they have children, when they are collapsed.
    Any idea? Meanwhile I try to use Custom Fields, uaahh…
    Thanks in advance!

    Adrian, try using some css code to target just the first level of the menu, then target the second level like this:

    #wp_menu_id li {yourcode here}
    #wp_menu_id li ul li {yourcode here}

    Thanks for your quick answer. But I think I didn´t present the problem correctly:
    What you were showing me was the way to generally highlight the list-items via CSS. The “current”-class works perfect nad if the page has children they will show and the others are still collapsed.

    But only A FEW of the items are parents and should show a different background-image (arrow, plus-sign,…) on the home page, when all are collapsed. Sorry for my poor English. And thanks for your friendly support.
    I could not show the site yet, because the client is anxious…

    This plugin is amazing. Exactly what I’ve been looking for. Where can I donate some cash for your efforts?

    i can’t see a way to add a separator inbetween menu items apart from using css although that would require a the last or first of the menu items to have a different rule. for example:

    desired output
    item1 : item2 : item3 : item4

    each colon would have to belong to an item and one of them at the end would have to have its colon removed (ouch)

    i’ve worked out a hack which would make it work by adding two menus beside each other, one containing all the items apart from one which would be in the other menu. they have separate classes for the appropriate styling.

    thanks for making the plugin!! has been very useful!

    @adrian Verstuyft – I see what you mean, I’ll add an option that gives each LI a unique ID in the next version.

    @eggnog – Donations are accepted via PayPal at sc0ttkclark (at) gmail . com

    @lupark – Perhaps what I’m doing for Adrian (see above), you could use this to also identify the beginning and ending menu items via CSS to set them apart from the rest of the items?

    Hi Scott,

    I’m trying to implement some of the options made available in the plugin, namely adding a link to my homepage.

    I’ve tried variations on the show_home and home_path with no success. What’s throwing me are the arguments. For instance, if I was to us show_home it would be like:


    First off, is 1 like a boolean value of true or false? Then with the home_path, is that to be the name of my page used for the homepage, or should it be the complete url to my homepage? Is home_link required?

    Apologies for the green questions. I think your plugin is great. Perhaps including a couple of examples in your readme will better explain these implementation issues.

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