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  • Hi, i have two problems with this plugin wp menu cart that are driving me crazy. The first one is not as important as the second one

    1. If i add an item to my shopping cart it says 0 items on 3 different pages and the rest of the pages shows the correct amoount of items in cart.

    2. I have the Keep in stock for x time on 2 hours. So if i have only 1 item in stock the product is reserved for 2 hours in the shopping cart. But after 2 hours its back in stock but the person who has it in the cart can still buy it. This means if someone else also buys it i get two orders but i only have one item. So why does the cart not clear itself after 2hours?


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  • Hi Imariss,

    All cart data is pulled from your e-Commerce plugin. Problem #2 is due to your shopping cart. What system are you using? Problem #1 is likely a configuration as well. Can you post a link to the pages so I can take a look?

    Thank you for your help.

    I noticed somtehing for the 1th problem. I disabled the W3 Total Cache plugin and the shopping cart worked on all the pages.. but i dont know what the plugin does that ruins the cart.

    Here are the pages that are not working with the W3 Total Cache plugin on:

    I still have not found a solution for the “never clear the items” problem

    Im using Wp ecommerce

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    I tried disabling the W3 Total Cache plugin again and it seems like it was not the problem cause the cart is still showing wrong item numbers. Its on different pages than before also.

    I got it working once when i put pages in the w3 “never cache these pages”, but when i deleted the item from shopping cart some pages showed that it was still there.

    Anyone that knows what i can do to get the customers cart to clear itself after x amount of time and show the correct item numbers on every page? Or is there any other similar plugin?

    I also noticed something that might help today.
    When im logged in as admin the cart shows correct amount of items in all pages. Its when im not logged in that it does not work.

    Any ideas?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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