[Plugin: WP-Menu] Can anyone get the category to page function to work? (c2p_cid & c2p_pid) (1 post)

  1. tictok
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Hello, little bit stuck here... hope you can help!

    Can anyone get the category to page function of the great wp_menu plugin to work? (c2p_cid & c2p_pid)

    I've tried different combinations and strings but for me adding c2p_pid and c2p_cid just doesn't work..

    Following the documentation I can find here's what I think should work.... but at the moment doesn't, at least not for me.

    <?php wp_menu('nav_type=sitemap&nav_levels=2&nav_tag=ul&nav_wrap=1&nav_class=top_menu&active=link&active_class=current&c2p_cid=5&c2p_pid=10'); ?>

    With that the menu works as I'd like except category pages are not highligheted as active pages. I'd hope that with the above, when category_page_id 5 is shown on my site I'd hope that page_id_0 would be highlighted with an active class in my menu.

    Can anyone help please? I don't have much air left! ;)



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