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  • Hi Butlerblog,

    Your plugin seems to be what I am looking for, but clicking on the link to your website with screenshots comes up with a ‘Notice: This domain name expired on 05/10/11 and is pending renewal or deletion’ (I had this the other day when I forgot to pay in time, I panicked, but everything was fine again 24 hours after I paid phew!).

    So can I just clarify if this plugin is what I am looking for? Currently I run a blog with travel stories and photo’s. Most of my pages are for everyone to see, but some I would like to be private for logged in members only. I would like these pages to show up with a little excerpt (I have these set up on my homepage already: ) and then for people to click read more to either get a warning they need to register or be able to read more if logged in.

    Currently I have some posts password protected and do not allow users to register, as there is only one option (anyone can register) and I had lots of spammers registering and commenting spam links on my posts. I do not like this set up though, as it is hard to get the password across to users I would like be able to read this (people I actually know) and other users (that I don’t know) not to be able to figure out the password. Currently I have said in a sticky post at the top that the password is my name as it is a foreign name with a difficult spelling, but have realized that anyone can look this up in who-is which defeats the purpose, so I would like to try this plugin instead.

    Does anyone know of a plugin that will allow me to manually activate newly registered users before they are ‘unleashed’ on my site? Or does this plugin do something similar as well?

    Thanks for reading!

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  • Plugin Author Chad Butler


    @mafgirl – based on your description of what you are looking for, this plugin should work for you.

    The plugin installs blocking all posts by default and not pages. Those settings are changeable, and also whichever way you go, you can over-ride the default setting at the article level. For example, in your case, it sounds like most content is freely available and you are only protecting specific content. In that case, you would not block posts by default, and any post that you did want blocked, you would set a custom field to block. This is different from WP’s built in set a password, which requires the same password for everyone which you have to distribute. Rather this plugin relies on user login to access. That way, users manage their own passwords (and other data), you just manage whether content is protected or not.

    As far keeping out potential users you don’t want, there are some additional options in the plugin. First, you have the option of moderating registrations. That is to say, a person can register, but they don’t have access until an admin approves or activates the account. Additionally, who wants bots jamming up your system with loads of fake registrations? For this reason there is a reCAPTCHA option for the registration process.

    For the registration, the plugin has the basic WP native user fields, and adds some additional. You can manage which fields you want to use for the registration and also which are required and which are not.

    There are other features as well, but this pretty much covers what you were asking about. I would suggest trying it out. It’s easy to install, and I’ve tried to make the instructions simple (honestly, most of the support questions I get are people who didn’t bother to read the instructions).

    Hope that helps.

    @cbutlerjr Thanks for your quick reply! I see your website is working now too, which is good! I had a read of the quick starting guideon your site and the installation guide on wordpress, but cannot find how to restrict access if I have not blocked post by default. I thought it was via the ‘more’ tag, but that does not work. I your reply above, you mention

    In that case, you would not block posts by default, and any post that you did want blocked, you would set a custom field to block.

    So I guess I would need to set a custom field in the posts that I want blocked, but cannot find documentation anywhere how to block this custom field

    Hope you can help

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    Depending on if you’ve used custom fields before, you might have them turned off in your WP installation. In the post editor, look to the upper right of the screen for “screen options.” Pull that down and check the box for “custom fields.” The custom field panel will display below the editor.

    In your case, you are not blocking by default so you have unchecked “block posts by default” in the plugin settings. So to block an individual post, in the custom field panel, click “enter new” (the first time – from then on, it will be in the drop-down) and name it block (lowercase). For value, enter true or 1 and then click “add custom field.” This post will now be blocked.

    You are correct about the ‘more’ tag. For posts, you do need to use the ‘more’ tag for blocked posts (whether blocking by default, or blocking individually). This is because posts, unlike pages, are grouped on summary pages like the home page, archive, etc. for the blog. The blocking of the content only really takes place on the single post. The ‘more’ tag truncates the content and only displays your excerpt above the tag on those summary pages, and will require a user to be logged in to view the entire post.

    Thank you this is working great!!!!
    The only thing I would like to add is a custom field in the registration form. You mention a workaround in a different wordpress forum post a month ago:

    There is a discussion of customizing the fields for version 2.3.2 (current production version) here:

    The process is a little simpler for the 2.4 public beta release as the install file has a toggle at the top of the code that you can change so as to force it to reinstall the settings without the need to delete the old.

    My version is 2.5 ( way to go, from 2.3.2 to 2.5 in ONE month! 🙂 ) and I was wondering if the process is easier in this version or should I still follow the instructions in your blog post?

    Thanks so much for your help so far, I really like the plugin, it does EXACTLY what I wanted 😀

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    Glad to hear you got it set up. And thanks for the kind words.

    2.5 is really an extension of 2.4 which was only released in beta. The process that was added for customizing fields is the same (and will remain). I would suggest reviewing the blog post as most of it is relevant. The only difference is now you don’t have to delete the previous installation of the plugin to clear out the db settings. There is now a code toggle in the install file (at the top and it is commented) so that you change the chk_force toggle to true, then deactivate/reactivate the plugin and it will force in all the settings in the install file (which should include your additional fields at this point). It sounds more complicated that it is.

    Let me know if anything needs to be clarified.

    Nope, works like a dream. Thanks! 🙂

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