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  • Hi

    I´m planning to integrate a forum on a site running the great wp-members and ask for some advice on which could be the best forum to use. The best here means integration, no double login needed is a must in my case.

    I´m thinking about Simple-Press it seems to be a full featured piece of software.

    Another very interesting solution could be Vanilla with the proxy connect but i don´t know if it uses the same DB tables that wp-members uses.

    Any advice?
    Thank you all

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  • uhh I’ve tried vanilla with proxy connect, its not good, its really hit and miss, and therefore unusable for anything long term :\ also because its not part of the core of vanilla, when things change in vanilla or wordpress it will break even more, regarding simple-press well cant say i tried it, but ill probably will ^_^ the only thing that makes me wonder is why it isnt on repository >_<

    I haven’t tried either of those, but probably will in the future.

    Have you considered bbPress?

    @fanvid regarding the wp repository, maybe a license issue or what? BTW> You´ve just dropped me a cold water bucket with the vanilla , LOl it seems so full of features…

    @cbutlerjr my only concern about bbPress is the absense of a core upload feature. It´s a plugin based feature and that would be a must in my case

    In fact I´ll need a way of giving access for some site editors to post download files. I don´t know if dowload monitor does the job. I´m not very comfortable with editors at my admin side, you know?

    But according to simple-press devs te integration is very smooth, anyway..who knows?

    Chad you plugin makes me wonder…..i have a lot of ideas to be implemented on future/future versions. BTW> Ideas here means, work for you 🙂

    wp-members takes care of signing in to simple:press (no double log-in) but it can’t hide the forum page! If you try the entire forum ends up poking out underneath the login and registration forms. I also don’t think it can hide an archive list of blog posts. Still it’s a lot better than anything else I can find 🙂

    hi alexbbk

    Thanks for the info.

    Did you try an <iframe> approach? I mean protect a page wich the forum displayed through an <iframe> . I´m just asking, till now i did not installed simple-press.

    And btw, do you know if the same will occur using bbpress?

    Thanks 😉

    whether it can hide a forum or not depends on how the forum pages are invoked, but in the majority of instances, it’s probably more likely that it prevents double login in and leaves the forum management up to the forum (i.e. if a forum category is locked/viewable)

    alex – you are correct, it does not hide an archive list of posts – archives, searches, home page, etc where there is a list of excerpts, it relies on the ‘more’ tag and provides “teaser” text.

    Membership management is the main thing 🙂 I’m easily hiding the archive lists, various widgets and menus by injecting “is_user_logged_in()” conditions to my child theme php. The forum is being hidden by css but client side hiding is a bit lame!

    #sforum {display:none;}
    body.logged-in #sforum {display:block;}

    (the forum is encapsulated in <sforum></sforum> tags) hope to find a php trick to do the same, iframes sounds like it might work but isn’t strict xhtml :/

    stickfinger, sorry I don’t know if bbpress is the same, simple:press was a doddle to install and looks good even without any customisation.

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