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  • Resolved Tanya



    I’m trying to create user profile pages for members.

    What I’ve done is created a page called ‘Members Area’ using the shortcode [wp-members page="members-area"]

    When I view the page, 2 links come up: “Edit my Information” and “Change Password”. It looks weird since the page only has these 2 links and nothing else.

    Is it possible for some of the user’s info to come up on the page? For example, username, profile pic, what country they are from?

    Thanks, really love working with your plugin 🙂

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  • Plugin Author Chad Butler


    Yes, you can put more on the page and there are a couple of ways to do that.

    First, there is a status shortcode that can display content based on login status (in or out).

    [wp-members status="in"]Your content here.[/wp-members]
    [wp-members status="out"]Your content here.[/wp-members]

    The caveat on this particular page is that at this time, these can only be used above the page shortcode. Additionally, this will show on the page when the links are shown, but also when you are editing the profile. But, it’s easy to implement.

    The other alternative is that there is a filter hook for the link content: wpmem_member_links. You can apply this filter with add_filter in your functions.php file.

    That will give you the most flexibility, although if you dump the original links in the filter (such as you don’t want them in bullets), you must make sure you still provide the links in some way so users can edit their profile and change their password.

    Here’s an example that keeps the original links and puts some text in front and behind:

    add_filter( 'wpmem_member_links', 'my_member_links' );
    function my_member_links( $string )
    	// this example retains the original links ( $string )
    	// and puts some text before and after
    	$string = "<p>I put this before the original links</p>"
    	. $string
    	. "<p>This is extra stuff I added with a filter</p>";
    	return $string;

    There’s some more info here on this and some similar hooks, and there is a full list of action and filter hooks in the users guide available here.

    I think I understand what you are saying, but I’m not sure how to make fields like username and country (or other fields that WP-Members has gathered) to come up by itself?

    Sort of like on these wordpress forums you can click on your profile and some info comes up, then you can edit it if you like.

    I should also point out that I’m not very experienced with this sort of thing, so sorry if it seems basic.

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    “not very experienced” is ok, but then I would say that you really need to get under the hood of WP. There are a lot of functions described in the Codex. If you want to start customizing like a pro, that’s where to get started.

    What you asked for, while not really difficult, is rather advanced from the standpoint of requiring some knowledge about WP in this regard. So, since that would a little on the large side for the forum, I put together a little tutorial with an example here.

    Wow, I didn’t expect you to set up a whole tutorial – thank you so much!

    I will have a go with this and let you know how I go. Very excited 🙂

    Hi, unless I’m missing the purpose of this – this will only display for the logged in user, right? Is there any way to have an individual user profile visible to everyone – so ?

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    That is correct – this is the user profile for the user that is logged in.

    There is an add-on being released for generating a list of users (like a directory), but it is only available as a premium add-on for members of the plugin’s support site (

    Hello Chad, I’m new to the WP community, I came over from (Hated-It!)…lol Now I’m a WP fan, wanting to become a Fanatic soon! …lol….I love that there are sooo many plug-ins to accomplish what most of us website owners/begginging designers wouldn’t be able to explain what we need, as to know how to do it. Your plug-in WP Members sounds similar to what I need. Ning had profile pages that were VERY limited in what you could do while adding content to them. I have re-designed my website community for Artists and its scheduled for a New Years Eve re-launch at 12:00 Midnight. However I DON’T have any membership features added yet, because BuddyPress is NOT compatible with my Continuum Template. All my content is mostly done, maybe later tonight, but I need to implement a Membership plug-in that allows members to have access and fuctionality within ,y site and template. I NEED>>>>>>>>>>>A membership Plugin that will allow viewers to register, then sign in and create their PROFILE and ADD Photos, Videos, Music, and a Bio, and maybe flyers PDF’s to their Profile Page. Also need them to be found and listed in a members area, by category/genra etc. Need Members to display in a Facebook Plug-in style gallery way (3 or 4 columns if possible)…and lastly will it work with other WP Plugins like eMember, Shopping cart style, Paid wall style plugins etc. I really right now just need membership features like: Profiles/Extended, Instant Message, friend add, Invite, video cam abilities, Posting to MAIN Blog Abilities, and upload abilitites of photos, video, and music to profiles, and main galleries of website. If your plugin can do at least 3 or four of these right after activate….If In. Thank You In Advance Brother……Blessings. I need to add this sometime today if possible and test it’s features. Thanks Chad. My site is commin in 2 days

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