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    Love this plugin! I just imported a bunch of users into my system, and all of the data came through without a problem. But, when I try to go into WP-Members and use the bulk activation tool, none of the users will activate.

    I’m trying to allow users to login with their email address, with WP Email Login, rather than have to use a username. I’ve tried deactivating WP Email Login, but that didn’t help.

    Any ideas as to what may be going on? Could the email address being used as the login prevent activation?

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  • Plugin Author Chad Butler


    I can’t really tell you if the WP Email Login would interfere with the activation process – although it shouldn’t.

    If you are importing users, and they are showing in the Users Table, then they probably are imported correctly to the WP db format.

    You could do an add to the database directly. Activation of a user (for the plugin’s purposes) involves adding a flag to the usermeta table. The meta_key is ‘active’ and the meta_value is 1 (if they are activated).

    Hope that helps. Let me know how it goes.

    Just a followup, it appears this is some conflict between WP-Members and WP Email Login:

    Thank you for your help! I’m going to give this a try. You know, it may actually be something with my user table that I’m importing because my client has a meta item called “active” already. That’s probably what is doing it. I’ll let you know.

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    I’d have to take a look at WP Email Login to know the answer to that. But taking a cursory look at it, I’d say that it’s probably incompatible from a login standpoint (with the WP-Members front-end login form – this wouldn’t have any effect on the wp-login.php form).

    I was able to activate everyone, but for some reason the logins don’t work (even on wp-login.php). Weird!

    I disabled the WP Email Login plugin but that didn’t seem to have an effect. Perhaps it’s something to do with the import, even though the data seemed to go in fine.

    Just an FYI, I think I see the issue with logging in. Whenever the user activation message goes out, the password is changed to something random. Probably something to do with the import.

    I thank you so much for your help!

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    The activation process sets (or in this case, resets) the password when in the default install. The flow is that the user registers, then the admin activates, that is when the login credentials are sent. Since WP encrypts passwords, and we don’t want to be storing unencrypted passwords, we need to send it at that point.

    So, in bulk activation, the users that you are activating are being sent their login credentials, which would include a new password.

    The way around this is to create a password field as part of your registration form in the WP-Members fields tab. Create this with the option name of “password”.

    At this point, there’s two directions you can go.

    (1) If you still want to have the default way the plugin operates, then you are just creating this password field for the bulk activation process with the imported users. When there is a user chosen password involved, then the plugin does not set a random password to be sent. (You will want to take the password shortcode out of the email that is sent as it would just be empty.)

    Note: once you’ve got your imported folks activated that way, then you could take the password field out of the registration form and have new registrants be sent a password upon activation (which they of course can update to whatever they want).

    (2) The second possibility is that perhaps you want to stay with users choosing their own passwords at registration. That’s fine, just remember to update the emails that are sent accordingly – If you want to send login credentials in this mode, you need to do it with the initial registration email, since the password has not yet been encrypted. Be sure to take the password out of the user approved email as the encrypted password is not set, so it’s just a blank field in that case.

    Hope that makes sense and things work out for you. It’s really not as complicated as it sounds – it’s just that there are a lot of options beyond the default installation, so there’s a lot of “if you do this, then this happens…” So if anything needs clarification, let me know.

    This does make sense – thank you for your help with this! Now I understand how this process works if I ever encounter it again.

    Since I don’t have a huge amount of users, I can just go in an manually reset passwords to match their old website.

    Good to know I can set this up so that users are able to set their own password if necessary.

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