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    Hi there, great plugin,
    Is it possible for a relative beginner to remove the horizontal lines that are coming up on the login page? i.e. Between each line on the page – username / password / the button / etc, is a horizontal line. Is this just some aspect of the theme I’m using or is this normal? Can it be removed? thanks very much,

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  • Perhaps I need to know how to edit CSS? I don’t seem to have the CSS editor in my dashboard. Sorry for the stupid q’s.

    I guess my post simply relates to the other post about customising the appearance and my question simply is: Is it possible to add some basic instruction as to how to edit the styles for an absolute beginner? Or is it too complicated for us? Likewise, the instructions in the FAQ about how to block or unblock individual posts are not really sufficent for the absolute novice, I can´t see any way of adding a ´custom field´ ?

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    It sounds to me like the horizontal lines you are referencing are the result of some CSS in your theme – there are no horizontal lines in the styles for the registration or login form.

    To answer your second question, yes, you would need to know CSS to customize the styles for the plugin. There are two CSS classes and one ID for you to use to customize the look and feel for your site. The classes are wpmem_login and wpmem_reg (the login and the registration form respectively) and the ID is wpmem_msg (for any messages that display, such as form validation and login errors).

    While I can’t really provide you a CSS tutorial, here is some sample CSS to play around with. This comes from a VERY simple theme, so if you just plug it in directly to your theme I have know idea how it will integrate – it depends on the complexity of the theme you are using – your mileage may vary. Note: it is rather gauche, but that is intentional so you can easily see what can be accomplished with some CSS styling.

    .wpmem_reg input, .wpmem_reg table, .wpmem_login input, .wpmem_login table {
    font-family: Georgia, “Times New Roman”, Times, serif;
    font-weight: bold;

    .wpmem_reg input, .wpmem_login input{

    .wpmem_reg td, .wpmem_login td {
    padding: 8px;

    #wpmem_msg {
    margin: 4px;
    padding-top: 4px;
    padding-bottom: 4px;
    border: 1px blue solid;

    The question about the custom fields is a legitimate one since the most recent version of WordPress removed the custom field from displaying by default below the editor window. It used to be there with a host of other options. Now it is turned off by default. To turn this back on, in the editor window, look up to the upper right hand corner of the screen where it says “screen options” – pull that menu down. Here you can turn the display of custom field back on (as well as a number of other options).

    Awesome! Thanks so much for your help!!

    Quick note for dummies – in order to turn on screen options for ‘custom fields’ you need to be IN the post window first (that tripped me up for a while)… Will see if I can fix the horizontal lines…

    Thanks again,

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