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    I made a members only area for my site as per the instructions from, by pasting <!–members-area–> into a page. However, the new users registration on the page is a form with only one field: username.

    When I try to register with this form, I get the Warning: array_reverse() [function.array-reverse]: The argument should be an array in /home/cofed/ on line 35

    And when I try to make a separate registration area (<!–reg-area–> into a new page) the page turns up blank.

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  • Plugin Author Chad Butler


    The error you are getting indicates that the option that contains the array of registration fields was not installed when the plugin activated.

    Are you running any type of caching plugin such as WP Super Cache or Total Cache? This could cause problems with the installation process.

    I re-activated the plugin and it works! Thanks.

    However, the <!–reg-area–> page I am making still turns up blank..

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    Here’s a couple thoughts on that…

    • Check to make sure you have put <!–reg-area–> in HTML view in the editor. (This is a legacy issue going back the very early versions of this pluin with early versions of WP when there was no visual editor and no short code API. We’ll probably change this to the shortcode API structure in a future version.)
    • Are you using default permalinks? (i.e. If so, be certain that your page is titled “Register”.
    • If you are not using default permalinks but have opted for (the nicer looking) “pretty” permalinks, make sure the page slug is “register”.

    Hope that helps!

    Sorry I’ve been working on something else these few days. Thanks for your help. It seems like changing the page title to “register” did the trick. Thanks a lot!

    Thanks for the wonderful plug-in. It was working fine but after I recently upgraded wp 3.1 and Arras 1.5, I noticed the members area and registration are not working. I recreated the pages with correct slug name still not working.

    Any help is appreciated.


    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    Some questions –

    What version of the plugin are you using?

    When you recreated the pages, did you use the HTML view (if using the legacy version) or Visual (if using shortcode)?

    What are you permalink settings?

    Is the site live? Can you post a link so I can take a look?

    plugin version 2.2.2
    used HTML and made sure the slug name is Members-Area
    (I changed the permalink settings to (month/etc) other than default to change the slug name)


    I had to remove the page as it is not showing any form. Please notify if you want me to add the page.


    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    If the form is not showing, I would check to make sure that have put in <!--members-area--> for the members area using the HTML view of the editor. If you put it in using the Visual view, it will render as & lt;!--members-area--& gt;, which the parser will not recognize.

    You could also try the shortcode version. For this you would use the Visual view of the editor (which is what most people have it on and leave it on anyway). The shortcodes you can use are:

    • [wp-members page="members-area"]
    • [wp-members page="register"]
    • [wp-members page="login"]

    For any of these, you no longer need to worry about the page name. So, if you wanted to call the page “Members Settings,” you could do that using the shortcode.

    Thanks for the response. Sorry to bug you with this issue.

    For the previous line I was using HTML. It didnt work.

    Now, I used the shortcode as specified above in visual mode on a test page but the page is just displaying the short code as below.
    test wpm
    [wp-members page=”register”]

    No form, as if it is not recognizing the wp-members. I verified and the plugin is active. My WP version is 3.1.1 and Arras 1.5


    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    That is rather perplexing as we can tell that the shortcodes are not being parsed. That means that the plugin in this instance is not being fired. As you stated, the plugin is showing active in the admin panel, but clearly, when the members area is being called, it is not seen as active.

    I would suggest starting with a clean install of the plugin.

    1. make note of any settings you have set for the plugin as you will be flushing the database of these
    2. deactivate the plugin
    3. select “delete” in the plugin admin panel (must be done from plugin admin panel otherwise the uninstall function will not clear the db settings)
    4. download the most recent version of the plugin (go to Plugins > Add New and search by term wp-members
    5. install and activate
    6. reset any of your previous settings

    I did as per your notes. Much better 🙂 almost there.

    Things looking much better. But, noticed the registration form appearing 2 times on my webpage. At the top of the page before the banner followed by a banner and the form.

    Can you please check the register form under the Members-area

    Thanks again for your help on this nice plug-in.


    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    This is generally caused by more than one instance of the Loop on a page. There are themes and plugins that will utilize an instance of the Loop in the header. Looking at the generated source, I see that the forms are being placed in the header, which confirms that is the case.

    When fired, WP-Members replaces the_content in the Loop with the login/registration information. When there are multiple loop instances, this creates a conflict.

    There is not really a workaround for this. You basically need to track down the offending script and figure out whether that could be removed, or changed, or not. That means basically deactivating all plugins except WP-Members, then testing. If the problem persists, it is in your theme. If not, bring up your other plugins one-by-one and retest each time to track down if it is an incompatible plugin.

    Don’t recall but this has started with WP 3.1.1 or Arras 1.5
    Is this plugin compatible with the these versions? Not sure how to go from here as I have not many plugins.
    Going to 3.1.2 will fix this?


    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    This plugin is compatible with WP 3+ including 3.1.2.

    I did take a look at the Arras theme and in this case, the incompatibility is a function in the theme header called arras_document_description() which uses an instance of the Loop to get the post excerpt and write it to a meta tag.

    You have a few options.

    • The easiest thing to do would be to comment out this function in the theme’s header.php. However, that’s not an upgradeable fix as the change would be overwritten if you upgrade the theme.
    • I reviewed the function, and if the plugins Platinum SEO Pack or All-in-one SEO Pack are present, it defaults to them for meta tags, thus not using this extra Loop instance. I would suggest installing one of those.

    Thanks a lot. I installed Platinum SEO and everything working great.

    Appreciate all your help.

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