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    Good grief what a waste of my time.

    I installed the plug-in and it warns me to turn off “Anyone can register” – I turn it off and no one can register. There is no way to turn on registration in the plug-in so the plugin has no function. If I leave it on then reCaptura never shows up and you get the standard WP registration page.

    Am I in the twilight zone or what????

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  • This plugin is not working for me as well. WordPress 3.3.1. I noticed that there is not any wp-settings table in the database. Shouldn’t this table be created at the time of installation (or at least after saving the settings for the first time)? Note: I also tried changing the $chk_force variable to true in wp-members-install.php and deactivated/reactivated, but it still did not create the wp_settings table in the database.

    Note: I am basing this on the following from the users guide:
    “At install, WP-Members™ creates an array containing all of the registration field data and
    stores it in the wp_settings table.” However, maybe it is actually referring to the wpmembers_fields array in the wp_options table?

    In any case, I have a question: What is the simplest way to override the default registration form with my own WP-Members registration form with the additional fields that I have added? Does it override the default registration page for me? Or do I need to explicitly setup my own registration page with a [wp-members page=”register”] shortcode and (optionally) point to it in the WP-Members “Register Page URL” setting?

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    @perrymyk – Have you reviewed the plugin’s support materials? It sounds as if you are looking at the back-end registration, which the plugin does not use. This is why it is suggested to turn it off. If you want to use the back-end registration, that’s fine, you can just turn off the warning messages for the plugin.

    If you need additional instructions, feel free to ask. I’m happy to help, but a little less attitude would be appreciated.

    @jared80 – sorry, that is clearly an error on my part – it *should* read wp_options table.

    It is not necessary for you to set up a registration page. The plugin will by default show a login and registration form in place of blocked content. If, however, you want a specific registration page to direct users to, by all means, set one up with the shortcode. Regardless, it will use any of the fields you have set up in the plugin’s settings.

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    @jared80 – also, just to be clear – forcing custom fields in via the install is really no longer necessary (although you can if you want to go that direction). Since 2.6, this can be done via the plugin’s admin panel – you can add or delete the fields you want. You can also drag-and-drop the order of fields.

    Thanks Chad. I am using the admin panel. I just got confused when I first started working with this plugin by the documentation listing a wp-settings table so I started poking around in the database and the install code :).

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    I’m actually glad you caught that as I was able to update the Users Guide accordingly (also added some text re: the password field).

    I would like to completely re-do the guide sometime soon, but I’ve been focusing more time on the plugin’s development, which ironically makes the need for a guide overhaul more necessary.

    I have just installed the wp-member plug-in and I am getting the same results. When I go to register at my blog at, I see the standard registration form. Of course when I un-tick the box that will not allow everyone to register, there is no register link.

    I want to use this plug-in so that I can ask for more info, as well as offer the TOS and secure things with re-CAPCHA. I need to have users register, but I also want this added information from the user.

    Have I missed something?

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    Don – yes, you have missed something. WP-Members serves to put registration and login into the front-end of the site. That is why it is recommended (not required) that you uncheck “anyone can register”.

    I would suggest reviewing the Quick Start Guide and full Users Guide here.

    for me it doesnt show any register button on my site.. only login?

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    There is no registration button or link unless you put one in there. But there doesn’t need to be in the plugin’s default configuration, since both a login and registration form are put in place of blocked content.

    If you want a separate and have a link to it, see “Create a Registration Page” in the Users Guide.

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