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  • Plugin Author Chad Butler


    Password is not being sent (i.e. email is sent without password)?
    – OR –
    Email is not being sent?

    Should I need to change few codes or its a bug?

    You should NOT change any core code – that’s not a good habit to get into for a number of reasons. And there are no known bugs in this area, so it’s unlikely a bug in the plugin.

    Sorry for confusion…

    Actually “Email is not being sent”

    What to do ??

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    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    You need to test whether wp_mail is functioning. If it’s not functioning for WordPress, it won’t function for the plugin.

    wp_mail is functioning…as i checked it by sending a mail to myself from contact form.

    Plz solve this prblem…

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    Are you certain that the contact form you are using uses wp_mail?

    I put together a post on testing wp_mail here. You should test using this type of method.

    You should also test the plugin with other plugins disabled to determine if you have a conflict with something else. Are you using any cache plugins such as W3 Total Cache?

    There is the possibility that your host requires specific headers (such as setting a valid “from” address). If that turns out to be the case, there is a filter in the plugin for filtering the headers that are sent to wp_mail.

    More on wp_mail:


    i have just found that my wp_mail was functioning well but it is not working now.

    all my mails are through ‘wp_mail” but its not working….plz tell me what to do now to correct “wp_mail”

    (It was working when i have installed wp-members plugin also work for sometime after installation and now suddenly it shows this error “Failed to send your message. Please try again later or contact administrator by other way.” )

    Plz…resole this

    ill be very thanksful…

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    I think what you need to do is track down why your wp_mail isn’t working, or is otherwise intermittent. The place to start would be to check with your hosting provider to see if there are restrictions on sending email from php scripts.

    You might also look into using something like WP Mail SMTP, which plugs wp_mail to use an SMTP connection. This would be more reliable (and would probably pass any restrictions your hosting provider might have).


    checked things above..

    my server doesn’t have any mail restrictions. my visitors can receive and send 300 mails per hour from my websites forms (which is more than my requirement). So there is no issue with server.

    And by using wp mail smtp, my forms working only for contact forms. for example if I want to send something from my contact form then admin receives the mail but if i register then mail wont being sent.

    if I switch to wp_mail in settings of wp mail smtp then again error comes about failed to send message.

    I dont know about setting in wp mail smtp plugin for wordpress.

    Chad, I can give my admin username and password to you but plz correct my problem as just within few days of plugin implementation i got approx 500 registered users ….



    Hi Chad,

    My problem is that the user can receive email but without the password. I tried to manually add a user through Users > Add New in WP dashboard and somehow the admin and the registered user can receive username and password on their email so I think the mail function is working properly. Any advice?

    P.S. What I would like to do is that when I a user want to register,
    he/she and the admin can receive a notification on their email about the user’s info (username, password, etc) but it seems that everthing is fine but not the password. Please help.



    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    @techbusy – it sounds to me like you need to troubleshoot wp_mail. This doesn’t sound like a problem with the plugin.

    @amw403 – It sounds like you are using a password field in registration to allow users to choose their own passwords? If so, please refer to the description of the email shortcodes in the Users Guide for when/how you can send a password: You need to make some changes to the default email content.

    Hi Chad,

    Thanks for the reply. However, how about the admin notification? I want also the admin to receive all of the users (including the password) info but when I added the [password] shortcode, it prints out the [password] shortcode on admins email instead of showing the password of the user.


    @chad, you’re right 🙂

    solved my problem by correcting wp_mail!

    Hi chad,
    I am looking for the plugin, which can solve my problem.
    1. admin should get the mail regarding the new members registration.
    2. i will manually add the user from Users > Add new…… so i want that the user should get the mail regarding the invitation and also they shoud get the username n password.

    please help me… i really need tofix this problem.. can u suggest me some plugin. and can i use membems plugin?

    thanks alot in advance…

    Hello Mr. TechBusy,
    Could you please let me know what you did to wp_mail that fixed your and my problem?


    @chad, you’re right 🙂

    solved my problem by correcting wp_mail!

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