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  • Don’t think anyone read this but whatever. I solved it myself. Turns out there was a major conflict with the Chap Login plugin. Once I got rid of that it works fine now. Chap is a cool plugin though so I would much rather not have done that. Maybe check to see what code butts heads and incorporate into next release?

    I’m running into the same problem!

    Also my site users can’t log-in through at all:: ERROR: Your account is still pending approval.

    But the accounts are all double opt-in activated as well as administrator activated!

    Now to try and track down where the problem is coming from…..

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    Not sure what you mean by “double opt-in activated” – the activation process with the plugin is a single activation that is done by the admin.

    The error message you are getting means no administrator has approved (and activated) the user. You can activate the user on the individual user profile, or multiple users at one on the Users > WP-Members table.

    If that’s not the functionality you want, then turn off moderated registration in the plugin’s settings.

    Apologies for the confusion I’ve also been having trouble with a newsletters plug-ins and not being a developer myself per se I am not even sure what/where to start trying to troubleshoot to get things running properly.

    All the WPmembers are admin approved and displaying as active in the admin panel. I do need and want moderated registrations but they are all showing the error messages that I quoted above when they try to log-in.

    I’m totally confused…. this is my website if you are able to take a look.

    Also, I’ve just looked again at the table that you mentioned and tried again to activate everyone that way and they are all showing as blanks under the “Activated” table heading but in the individual user profiles they show as active or rather there is an option to check a box that say “Deactivate this user?”

    DesignByAnita: did you figure out how to get access to your admin again?

    I am having the same problem because I created a test user with the same email address as my admin. Because the new user is yet unapproved, now the admin is also saying unapproved.

    Hi !
    Same problem with new user… “Login Failed! You entered an invalid username or password.”
    I tried to inactivate all teh plugins, but it didn’t change anything…
    there are only the plugin already installed with my WP version: Akismet
    DB Cache Reloaded Fix
    Hello Dolly
    WP Super Cache
    Any idea ?

    Do any of you have other security plugins installed? Try deactivating them all and one by one enable them. Odds are you will find out which of these is the culprit pretty quickly.

    Thank you very much for the reply.
    With my last tests, it seems it was plugin DB Cache Reloaded Fix (v 2.3) that created the bug!
    I am using WP 3.5.0.
    Weird isn’t it…

    I am not a fan of cache plugins. They’ve caused me more headache than anything. I avoid them.

    When I am login wp-members its showing me invalid username and password
    I have checked all the required things but still showing an error

    Pls suggest me.

    Did you try to deactivate all others plugins ?

    No not yet

    but I’ll try


Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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