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  • I have WP_Members set up on a QA site here:

    Everything is working great, but I have one scenario that I can’t seem to figure out.

    All of the login exception dialogues work fine except for when the username isn’t recognized and a password is filled in.

    When the password is blank and an invalid username filled in, I’m shown the “You entered an invalid username or password.” message.

    Instead of displaying the error dialogue like it does for any other error (ie. unknown password, etc), it pulls all posts from my loop with no error dialogue whatsoever.

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  • Plugin Author Chad Butler


    I took a look at it and could not reproduce your error.

    Invalid email w/ password: got error message
    Invalid email w/o password: got error message

    Could you clarify?

    Also, it seems you’ve made some changes to plugin. Since it runs off of WP’s native structure (username and email are not the same), it is set up to require both a username and email. If you’ve made modifications to alter this and combine the two, it is going to be difficult for me to assist you tracking down the problem as I don’t know what changes you’ve made.

    The only changes I made were in the dialogues file where I just tweaked some design things like table cell widths.

    This is just the Login area, not the registration.

    As far as the username and email on the registration is concerned, the username field is there but hidden. Javascript is filling it in as its being typed to ensure both fields are identical upon submit of a new registration. This process is working perfectly.

    Interesting you couldn’t produce this error. I’ve had 5 people test this with the same results and I myself have tested it on 3 PCs and a Mac (FF and IE7/8/9).

    For sake of troubleshooting, here are the steps I just tried using a username that doesn’t exist:
    username: test
    password: 12345

    This produces the issue when I try logging in with it.

    The core plugin files weren’t modified at all. I downloaded a fresh version of WP_members and re-installed all but the dialogues file.

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    I was able to reproduce the error, but I can’t readily see what is causing it.

    Do you need a login so you can take a closer look? Can’t figure this out.

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