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    Is there any pot, po or mo file in orther to make easy the process of translating the plugin to other languages?


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  • stickFinger


    BTW> I´m asking mainly thinking about future plugin´s updates.
    Thanks again

    Chad Butler


    Right now there is not, but localization is going to be included in the next feature upgrade. I do not have a date for that yet, but it has received a number of requests.

    A couple other users have offered translation support (Israel and Ukraine).



    Thank You cbutlerjr for your answers.

    I´d like to contribute with the pt_BR translation.
    Let me know when you gotget text implemented, ok?

    Thanks for developping such nice plugin 🙂

    Chad Butler


    will do… thanks!

    Great plugin!

    Translation files would indeed be very much appreciated: I can help with the Dutch (nl) translation if you like.

    Hi cbutlerjr

    As i´m at the begining of a new project heavily based on WP-Members I´d love to hear from you if there is a ETA for the localization version of that GREAT plugin 🙂

    Thank You very much

    I am making progress on some very significant upgrades to the plugin. I have most of that ready for localization with the exception of the email notification process and the inline contextual help on the admin side.

    I should be able to wrap these up in the next week or so. At that point, I think it’s ready for localization.

    If you want a peek at the stable beta so far, you can check out download page and select version 2.4. It is currently beta release 3 which is stable for public use.

    I have a new release candidate 4 which is not fully tested yet and that will add some additional features beyond the one that’s up there. That should wrap up by next week.

    Hope that helps!

    Thanks for your quick reply cbutlerjr 🙂

    I(´ve downloaded the new version however I could not find the .po 🙁

    Regarding the translation I think that the first and most important files to be done are the ones used in the front end including the warning messages (validations ) The backend at least for me are not so important. What the hell if you´re in the web you must understanda at least an english admin interface 🙂

    Let me know when you got any .pot, .po and i´ll e glad to translate it even in advance.

    Once more…MANY thanks

    That makes sense about the admin side… 😉

    I am focusing on the front end and getting that ready for translation. I need to finish up the emails that go out and also make some changes to the form validation/error messages to make them better for translation. My plan is to have a workable beta with this and the new features done and ready for testing and translation (or at least the beginning of translation) before the end of the year. If all goes well, probably in the next couple days. It’s really close, just need to wrap up a few loose ends.

    The 2.4 beta release 4 is up and an updated .pot is included. This is my first attempt at localization so hopefully this will work 😉

    Hi there! Thnx for making available a POT-file!

    I’ve translated some stuff (Dutch language) using Poedit and I copied the adapted POT and new MO-file to the same Lang-map… but no result. I renamed the files > and nl.pot (since these are the settings in wp-config.php)… but still no result.

    Could you please help me to explain what I do wrong? Or what steps I should follow?


    Hi Brazz – I must admit, I am not very savvy at this point with Poedit. Like I mentioned, this is my first attempt with localization. I started off with Poedit, but ended up generating the POT from’s plugin management process.

    It is possible that I haven’t got things quite right in the plugin itself. The primary plugin file (wp-members.php) calls load_plugin_textdomain() right away at the beginning of the file. I have considered moving this into the init() action call. Also, the load_plugin_textdomain defines the location of the localization files as /wp-members/lang. I’m not positive I have this set correctly.

    Hopefully, this will give you some ideas to look at and/or someone familiar with localization to suggest where I could improve the process (or fix something that I might have configured incorrectly?).

    Hi, cbutlerjr, thanks for your work,
    I´d like to take part in the zh_CN translation:-)

    Thanks – that would be great!

    Just to let you know, I am putting the final touches on the new release and it will become the production release this week. The current 2.4 public beta 4 has some changes so you might want to wait until it’s finalized.

    Hi cbutlerjr, hi guys,

    I finished the brazilian translation (for 2.4 public beta 4). But the form labels (First Name, last name, Day phone, etc) didn’t work fine. Its still in in English. I try to resolve looking into the code, but I haven’t found any solution. Any help?


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