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    Does anyone know the equivalent of the [private][/private] shortcode as a template function or tag? I need to use this function at template level to hide certain features on my site.

    E.g. – Hiding the “Register” button on an event page as only Members can register, that sort of thing…

    I’d greatly appreciate this, I’ve bought the plugin, but if this doesn’t exist……I shouldn’t have bought it/ I’m in trouble 🙁

    Thanks All,

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  • Plugin Author Chad Butler


    Based on your description, I believe that you are referring to a plugin other than WP-Members, which is what this was tagged.

    The functionality you are looking for should be available to you without a plugin at all using the WordPress function is_user_logged_in. Using this, you can determine if a user is logged in, and if so, show them the register button, etc. You can use this at the template level as well.

    You’re right, sorry, I should have explained in greater detail. I’m using the members plugin in combination with an event plugin. Only members can register for events etc.

    The function you mention is a great work around for me if I go down the route of only allowing current “members” to login. I can then hide specific parts of the event reg process using your method in a template as an alternative to the private shortcodes

    The good folk at SmartMediaPro also said I can use WP-Member to process the event registrations if the event plugin (Event Espresso) uses the standard WordPress register process. Not sure if it does though yet, will have to see.

    Cheers again for your help cbutlerjr, much appreciated,

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    Not a problem – hope it works out for you.

    As a point of clarification, my initial point was not that your question was unclear. It was that the plugin that you tagged this to (WP-Members) is not the plugin you are using. When you use the wp-members tag, it attaches your support query to WP-Members found at, which is why I saw this post.

    I am aware of SmartMediaPro’s plugin, but you will not find that plugin on this site because they are not GPL. I have nothing against them offering a commercial product, but I do have a problem with them trying to hijack the name of an already existing plugin.

    Sh*t, sorry about that, I had no idea they did that and I’m more annoyed I didn’t realize the difference and find yours first.

    I was really stuck for a membership plugin and it was the first (and hopefully one of the last) time I went premium after seeing the name WP-Member crop up in places.

    As an supporter of open source I would certainly have at least tried your one first. They even charge for support after purchase, so I was trying to keep them sweet while pushing my luck on a few issues! 🙂

    Feel free to remove this thread and my apologies again. Hopefully I’ll get to try your plugin soon.


    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    Hey, no problem – especially because you didn’t know.

    Like I said, my problem isn’t with commercial vendors. And since they are commercial, they usually are more feature rich. My post was more for the “airing of grievances” and to raise awareness for those that may read this later since, as a free and open source project, my marketing budget is $0.


    I would avoid commercial plugins such as smartmediapro’s membership plugin that employ source encryption. You can’t make the changes you need, even to the simplest template files. I would instead use cbutlerjr’s WP-Members and hook him up with a donation. cbutlerjr is a regular contributor the the WordPress community, which is a great thing to see.

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    Thanks for the props! 🙂

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