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  • as an update…
    the wp_mail function works. email is sent if I manually setup a user. However a new user that registers for the site never sends an email to the admin or the user that has registered.

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    Are you using a cache plugin of any kind? These generally do not work well with the plugin.

    There were some significant changes in 2.7 to the email process in terms of allowing the content of the messages to be customized. However, there wasn’t a change to the sending of the emails. So it is odd that it would have stopped working. (You mentioned that you weren’t sure when it stopped working, but I assume that you believe it was working until the upgrade?)

    You might try testing the registration process putting some generic text in the subject and body of the customized emails to determine if something is throwing off the wp_mail function.

    Chad, thanks for your response. To answer your questions…

    1. No cache plugin
    2. no customized email.

    ok…I added some generic text to the custom email fields as you suggested. I did get the admin and user registration email after that, with my generic text.

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    Try putting the pieces back together one at a time to see if you can determine exactly where we are breaking down.

    I had one other user with this issue and it turned out to be only the blog name in the subject line. Interestingly, it was not the WP-Members [blogname] shortcode (although it did break with that, too) as we tried it with the site name hardcoded into the email and it still broke.

    Thanks for testing – let me know if you find exactly where it is breaking down as I am trying to pinpoint where to target a fix.

    Glad I found this as I just noticed this same issue as well. However, I’m not receiving any emails – to admin or the fake account I set up. Last email I did receive was on January 13th. Was notified today by a user who never received email. I’ll continue to test with different options.

    Using WP 3.3.1 with WP-members 2.7.0, no customized email, was using super cache – but have since deactivated.

    I have added shortcode to the custom email and everything works as expected. Once I remove everything from the custom email I then go back to getting no email from user registration.

    could this be an issue with WP 3.3.1?

    FWIW, users ARE being added to user list. It appears to be email issue.

    portergraph, sounds like you and I are having the identical issue. as a workaround I have filled in all the custom emails fields with the information the plugin is supposed to send. Everything seems to work.

    As shamburg had mentioned – using shortcode for customized emails does the trick. I have received both admin & user emails as well.

    LOL – you type faster than me. ; )

    I have noticed that ‘members-area’ shortcode does not work though? Added it and nothing comes up. Or is that a setting within the User menu?

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    It seems that in some instances of upgrades, the default email content did not load during the upgrade resulting in empty email fields – thus nothing would be sent. I am looking in to what might be causing this. But in these instances the fix is quite simple – fill out the subject and body for the email messages and they should go ok.

    For the members-area shortcode, you need to have set up the Members Area page (which is discussed in the Users Guide and the plugin readme file) and set its location in the plugin’s settings.

    Hi. I seem to be having the same problem too. I’m using WordPress 3.2.1 & WP-Members version 2.7.0. I have stopped receiving email notifications when members register, and when I activate the user, they do not receive the password by email.

    When I manually update a password, they get the changed password email. Please note that I was getting registration emails till 12 January 2012, but it seems to have stopped working thereafter.

    Please suggest what could be wrong. Many thanks for your help !

    Hi- I am having similar problems after updating to 2.7. Like these users, filling in custom messages did the trick.

    Here’s a question: What am I supposed to put in the password reset email? Is it just the [password] field that needs to be in there somewhere?

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    If the emails did not install during the upgrade process, and you are unsure of what to start with, the default emails can be copied from here.

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