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  • When I click on a blocked post it opens the registration form duplicated.
    The first, on the top, is above the header and the other one is where it is supposed to be. I am using the Arras theme. Hope anyone can help me

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  • I don’t think it’s your theme. It is most likely a collision with another plugin. The fact that it is above the header indicates that it is probably an SEO-type plugin that is using another instance of The Loop.

    You can narrow down specifically what the incompatibility is by deactivating all plugins except WP-Members, then bring them up one-by-one, checking the site each time (of course you’ll need to be log out each time as well).

    cbutlerjr, thanks for your answer. I’ve already tried to disable the few plugins installed on my site but it is still doing the same. Searching on Google wp-members + arras theme I’ve found a couple of sites with the same problem.
    Here is the address of my test site:
    Perhaps you find something that can help me.
    Many thanks.

    I took a look at your test link. If you take a look at the generated source, you will see that between the <title> tag and the <meta name=”description” content=”” /> tag is where WP-Members is putting a login form.

    That is something (a plugin, a widget, something in the theme, etc) that is using a second instance of the WordPress Loop. If you look at the generated source of the same page when you are logged in, you may be better able to track it down as you will be able to see what is being put into that section of the html head.

    Hope that helps.

    Thank you very much for your quick answear. I checked what you suggested but nothing appears between these tags when I’m logged in. I think I will have to try with another theme or plugin. Thanks again.

    Hi pikaybubu,
    i’ ve the same problem.
    Over my body wp-members displayed triplle forms.
    My solution:
    Just deaktivate it using css:

    .wpmem_login, .wpmem_reg {
    #container .wpmem_login, #container .wpmem_reg{

    just try it!

    I have had a few support requests regarding WP-Members and the Arras theme recently. Essentially, the answer is generally the same – WP-Members is not presently compatible with multiple instances of the Loop. However, there is an easy solution with Arras theme.

    Arras has many of its own functions for various things in the theme, one of which is a meta description in the html head. Unfortunately, this uses the Loop to get the_excerpt for the description text. The function is arras_document_description found in /library/template.php.

    Here are some solutions:

    1. You could remove the function call to arras_document_description in header.php. This is not the ideal as it will be overwritten if you upgrade the theme. But it’s an easy solution.
    2. You could create a child theme in which you simply modify the header.php. That would be upgradeable for the main theme and all you need is a style.css defining the child theme and the header.php file with the call to arras_document_description taken out. (Learn how to create child themes here.)
    3. Lastly, this function is not fired if All-in-One SEO or Platinum SEO are present. If you have either of these two plugins installed, the function does not fire.

    Any one of these is an easy potential solution to this issue.

    Thanks Chad – I’m using the theme Thesis. Does the same issue apply with the loop?

    @dataplus – I don’t use Thesis theme, but I have heard from users that have had similar issues. However, I do not know if the solution above is going to work for Thesis. Regardless, if there are multiple instances of the Loop, you will run into problems, so you would need to track down where they are and whether or not they can be overridden/avoided.

    Thanks, I used a variation (with relevant container divs) of the css “display: none” property mentioned above, on Woothemes Canvas theme, and that does the trick as well. In my case the plugin conflict was between page widget and WP-Members plugin.

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