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    I’ve seen this topic on a couple of posts in this forum, but I wasn’t able to fix my issue. Both the registration and login page have duplicate forms. They aren’t in separate content areas, nor is there a second instance of the loop anywhere. Because they appear immediately one after the other within the same div, the CSS solution mentioned here doesn’t work either.

    Is there any other explanation for the duplicated forms? You can see the offending page here:

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  • Plugin Author Chad Butler


    Are there any other shortcodes on the page or are you using any social login plugins?

    I’m also having the same issue. Except, I’m having duplicate “Edit your Information” forms. One after the other. The only shortcode I am using on the page is this one:

    [wp-members page=”members-area”]

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    @pmagony – same question as above…

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    So, suspecting that the issue here is another plugin that may filter $content twice (such as Simple Facebook Connect), I believe the corrective action would be a simple change in wp-members-core.php.

    In the function that generates the special pages (members-area, register, and login) via shortcode (wpmem_do_sc_pages), I believe that the issue can be fixed by removing $content from the global variables. Change line 203 from this:

    global $wpmem_regchk, $wpmem_themsg, $wpmem_a, $content;

    to this:

    global $wpmem_regchk, $wpmem_themsg, $wpmem_a;

    I think that $content in this function is actually unnecessary so if in further testing that turns out to be the case, I will put this correction into the next release. Regardless, this change should solve the problem.

    Dear Chad,

    Yes, I am using Simple Facebook Connect. But no other shortcodes appear on the page. And, I turned off Simple Facebook Connect to see if that fixed the problem, without success. I am going to edit the core wp-members file and let you know if it worked.

    Thanks in advance!

    Hey, that worked!

    Thank you Chad. Not only for this great plugin, but for your fantastic response time. Many, many thanks indeed!

    Sorry, I forgot to mark this post as resolved last time – here it is.

    That resolved the duplicate matter, Chad. Thank you!

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    Glad to hear that worked. Like I mentioned, that change may end up being made in the next release depending upon how it tests with various plugin configurations.

    @pmagony – were you also using Simple Facebook Connect?

    Negative Chad, only plug-in I am running on this site at present is wp-members.

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    There must be something in the theme then that either runs the loop twice or processes the_content more than once (which is what Simple Facebook Connect does).

    Hi Team,

    Bumped into a similar issue using the Advanced Custom Fields Plugin.

    If using get_field to retrieve from a custom field that you’ve set as a ‘Wysiwyg Editor’, The WP-Members plug-in will place a form in its place. I believe this may have to do with the content type being triggered as block content on a page that is set to block.

    For anyone that encounters this issue, use the get_post_meta function to get around this.

    Great Job Chad!

    Actually, to build upon level91’s reply.

    It’s not only got to do with the get_field(); function of Advanced Custom Fields but actually it’s to do with the setting for your custom field that tells WordPress to use the the_content filter.

    Whenever that filter is used, the field will be rendered as a content block and the login form will be placed.

    I myself had about three sections in my page where the filter the_content was ran, hence I ended up with three login forms.

    Hope this helps somebody in the future!

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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