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  • Resolved Karesansui


    The dropdown and other fields are very nice.
    I started using a dropdown field for Country selection and that works fine.

    1 – Now I want to remove the last comma to get rid of the blank line. And also change one or two other values.
    Is it possible to edit the content ?
    I can do that with phpMyAdmin but do not know where to look for them !
    I know I can delete it and add a new one but the field is already in use and I do not want to use any of these values.

    2 – Also the list opens on the last line (now blank). How can I get it to come up with the first line ? The country list has 245 entries.


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  • Plugin Author Chad Butler


    This is a new feature and there always are some challenges with the introduction of new stuff.

    At this time, it is not possible to edit the content. Deleting it and creating a new one is your best option, but it you want to change the values, you’d still be faced with the same problem as if you could edit it – it would not change users that already had the values in use.

    I would not recommend editing the array directly in the database (although that’s not to say you can’t.)

    I am working on a process for editing any of the fields (not just the dropdown), but I’m not sure when that will be ready to bring into the production version of the plugin.

    As far as the defaulting to the last line, there is a kink in the process if there are blank lines included – it will default to the last one. It results from the way the function loops through the list values and I’m working on a fix for that. But for now, if you have blank lines, it’s best to just have one at the beginning (if possible).

    Thanks Chad,
    Yep, I know, it is never good enough ;-))

    It is nice that you have put the update function on the “Wish-list”.

    Th blank line at the end is the reason that I wanted to remove the last comma.
    The fix will relax my request. It is already a great improvement over the “free format” country field I used before, so I’ll be patiently waiting.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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