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  • Greetings. I am using WP-Members along with listyofiles.
    I have the WP-Members setup so that pages are not blocked by default
    For the desired page in particular, I have a custom field block set to true.

    Result: The page displays the login/registration … and the content as well (list of files). This set up seemed to work fine until I updated to 3.2.1. Not sure what else to do.



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  • I am also have the same problem for about a week now. constantly searching and cannot find nothing.. I was wondering whether i should reinstall the WP members? or wordpress

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    If these are pages (not posts), it sounds like you may of the “Show Excerpts” setting turned on.

    If excerpts are turned on (“show excerpts” in the plugin admin panel), you MUST use the ‘more’ tag on any protected pages. If you don’t, all of your page content will be visible before the login form. If you don’t want your pages to function this way, you need to turn off “show excerpts.”

    For more information specific to protecting pages, review this post on Protecting Pages.

    Hi Chad,

    Unfortunately the “show excertps” was already disabled.
    The “Block pages by default” is not set (disabled).

    The content appears right after the login/registration form.

    The page in question has a shortcode for the listyofiles plugin only. Maybe a bad interaction?

    For that page, I also have a custom field: block true

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    Unfortunately, that sounds like an incompatibility with the other plugin as it sounds like you have things configured correctly.

    Hello chad

    Thank you for your WP-Member plugin. You have done a good job with the registration system. The only problem i have got for the lay person is that i want home page to have a registration link to a hidden registration page to include Capture and not to display initially as home page as I want people to see the home page of female friends dot co dot uk. As well as having WP-members, I have also got register plus plugin.

    Your help is most appreciated.


    Hello chad.

    I also still have a problem with unblocking pages for everyone to view.
    I have read widely and it still does not work. I even asked for the server to be refreshed. I dont know what the problem could be- it could be incompatibility with another plugin getting in the way of it working properly.


    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    Florie –

    If you want to have a registration page, then all you need to do is create a registration page using the shortcodes described in the users guide and then link to it. If you want this to be “hidden” then you’ll need to remove it from your menu.

    As for unblocking pages, there is a typo in the current FAQs – you need to create a custom field named unblock and set a value of either true or 1.


    I have tested WP-Members with another plugin (Events Registration). Again I have a shortcode in the page.

    Default is that all pages are unblocked. No “show exerpts”.
    custom field: block value: true (1).

    The end result is that the login fields/registration fields are at the top of the page and then the regular content is placed after that. It seems if WP-Members is used in conjunction with other/any plugin shortcodes, the content does not get blocked.


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