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  • I say difference because I am not familiar enough with code to know if it was intentional with the upgrade. But I am seeing the following after upgrading:

    1. The registration form field are spaced very far apart in Chrome but look fine in IE.
    2. Captcha works in FF and Chrome but not in IE7, 8 or 9.

    Can some please comment on whether this is intentional and if not please let me know how to correct it?

    Thank you.

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  • Plugin Author Chad Butler


    1. There is an unintentional change in the stylesheet in this release. 2.6.1 was a bug fix release for 2.6 and there are some additional fixes being worked on that will be released as 2.6.2, which should be some time over the weekend. The stylesheet in that release will be the same as 2.6.0. In the meantime, if you want to rollback the stylesheet, the standard default is here:

    How any user is effected by the stylesheet, however, is strictly related to how it integrates with your theme. On the basic themes in which testing is done, it looks fine in Chrome on my end. Obviously your mileage may vary depending on your theme, etc. So if you use the default, the best thing to do would be:

    1. Go to the WP Plugin Editor and select WP-Members
    2. Select wp-members/css/wp-members.css
    3. Select all and delete/clear the window
    4. Copy the text of the stylesheet from the link above
    5. Paste it into the editor and save your changes

    Even better would be to begin developing your own stylesheet that is more fully integrated with your theme. A process to get you started is outlined here: Customize the WP-Members Stylesheet.

    As far as reCAPTCHA goes, I can confirm that it does in fact work in IE8, so I’m not sure why you would be having an issue. Could it be that you have JavaScript turned off in IE?

    Hi Chad,

    everything in is fixed as promised in 2.6.2, except captcha. It is not showing up in IE9. Can you advise? I do have Java Scripting enabled.

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    not really sure what to tell you in this case… I have checked this in both IE 8 and 9 and reCAPTCHA works fine. I’ll continue to review, but I really don’t know why it’s not displaying for you.

    Not displaying for me either at

    reCAPTCHA displayed for half a day and then after the first attempt at creating a new member (which failed as well, no matter what I try) reCAPTCHA just magically vanished and will not return for some reason.

    So, form not working, no ability to register and now no reCAPTCHA….so bummed because I was WAY excited to find this very cool plugin.

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    @austinviking – I think you also posted on my blog, and indicated you worked this out? Just want to make sure this is resolved.

    Yes, totally worked out Chad, thanks much for the reply. The reCAPTCHA was just not appearing for me in Firefox and then on top of that I had a plugin Redirection that was for some reason screwing up the registration page. Once I uninstalled that everything was perfect.

    Been looking for quite a while for a plugin that does what yours does and didn’t expect to find one this good. Thanks so much!

    Hi Chad. GREAT plug in man.

    I too have had this “disappearing” reCAPTCHA issue in IE and have some more information that may help you troubleshoot it.

    On all of my browsers, I am getting a java script error: Error on line 101 Char 7 Expected identifier, string or number

    When I look at the code:

    Recaptcha.create(“6LdoHskS….QhY”, element, {
    theme: “red”,
    This is character 7 }

    Is that last comma on the line before it supposed to be there?

    BTW this started happening for me, right after I changed the reCAPTCHA color from Red to another color. I tried changing it back to red, uninstalling, reinstalling, yadda yadda but no joy.

    Sorry I’m not good enough with PHP and WP plugins yet to Troubleshoot it further, but hope you can help.

    Many thanks!

    Hi Beckabob,

    The problem is in wp-members/wp-members-dialogs.php

    Find the function . . . wpmem_inc_recaptcha


    callback: Recaptcha.focus_response_field

    after the comma

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