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    Hi Frank,

    I use your plugin within WP multisite and it is currently active in an English site and in a German site. So far, so good, works fine.

    Only one thing is nerved:
    At the German site, I have put my German text into the plugin’s settings with the German “umlauts” (ä, ö, ü) – so far, so good, they are correctly displayed at the frontend.

    But: every time I go back in the backend to the plugin’s settings page, these settings don’t remember my “umlauts”. Everywhere, where I put
    ä etc., there are again ä and I must enter the correct code again ä, so that it is displayed right at the site.

    Guess, this is a bug or how can I “tell” the plugin, to remember my umlaut settings, when I return to the settings’ page?


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  • csigncsign


    in the forum, my code hasn’t displayed right :-/

    I mean, as soon as I enter “&auml” for “ä” in the plugin’s setting and save it, it is correctly displayed in the frontend.
    But every time, when I return back to the settings of the plugin, there is again “ä” in the texts, instead of the changed “&auml”.
    The plugin doesn’t remember my umlauts, when I return back to the settings.

    Thanks for feedback.
    Current I work on a new version, with fixes and changes for WP 3.4*
    I have add this issue on my github repo for this plugin, please see




    Thanks a lot, so I’ll wait for the next version

    I have needed the plugin these days again – and I use the newest version.

    When I enter my German text with ä etc. instead of the German Umlauts, and save it and CLOSE then this page, it shows it right in the frontend.

    But when I re-open the plugin’s settings page again the next day, then this coding ä etc. is gone, it shows me the German Umlauts, but at the frontend there are again some cryptic signs instead of the Umlauts.

    Ok we discuss this topic via github issues and the new version have a enhancement for this problem. Is a problem from the database, there is wrong, but I can send a header witrh the charset from the install of WP and then works this.

    Thank you very much for your help!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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