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  • Resolved taraw



    I activated the plugin, did some work, then put the plugin activate setting to False and saved.

    Unfortunately, it is now acting weird and has done something to my site.

    I can view all posts. But I cannot view any pages – including the home page. All pages have the maintenance mode image, even though the plugin is not on. I even deactivated the plugin, then deleted the plugin entirely and I am still getting the same thing happening.

    I reinstalled the plugin hoping that would make a difference but it didn’t.

    I can confirm that the pages I am viewing are not cached. I cleared all cache, tried on another browser, and even tried on my phone, hoping it may have been a cache problem and my browser was acting weird. I had the same problem on all devices / browsers, even browsers where I have never visited the website before so it didn’t even have any cache for that website.

    Please help!

    Thank you.

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  • Have just found the problem.

    Information for any other users who may experience the same thing:

    There was a conflict with the WP Super Cache plugin. I deactivated that plugin and my site came back.



    thx taraw, had the same problem



    Thanks taraw I too had the same problem. Had deactivated WP Maintenance mode and could access the site via http://mysite.ext but if I tried to go to http://www.mysite.ext it still showed the under maintenance page even after emptying my WP Super Cache.

    I turned WP Super Cache off and it all resolved itself, then turned WP Super Cache back on and it is all still working so there does seem to be some incompatibility between WP Maintenance Mode and WP Super Cache.

    WP Super Cache create static pages, also the maintenance mode. THats only the problem.

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