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    I am running WP Maintenance Mode on a Multisite installation of WordPress.

    This is a good plugin but I noticed several problems:

    1 – After configuring the plugin, if I refresh the page and go back to WP Maintenance Mode settings, all the fields are reset to default though the plugin is still activated and works correctly.

    Why is it so? Why do fields not keep my custom text?

    2 – There is a field to define which user role can access to the frontend. This is OK but any role can still connect to the dashboard.

    If I put my site in maintenance mode, I don’t want anyone to be able to login to the dashboard. I only want administrators to have such rights.

    So, a field for choosing who can access to the dashboard is missing and would be greatly appreciated (some other plugins have this functionality).



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  • Do you habe active the plugin as network wide or in each blogs in the MU install?

    2. this is usefull, if you will, that the users see the frontend and you can set the role for users, there can login and have not a redirect to the maintenance page. If you will, that no user got to the site, then set the role to the administartor, thats all.




    Thank you for answering but I’m not any further ahead!

    1 – I activated the plugin network wide, not in each blog.

    So please, read my question #1 again.

    2 – I am sorry to tell you that your English is very difficult to understand. You’d better write your answer in German and have it translated automatically, the result would be better.

    I think you didn’t understand my request :

    If I set the role to Administrator, non administrator users can still login and access the backend (Dashboard).

    I do NOT want users go to the backend when my site is in maintenance mode.

    So, you should add a second field to decide who can access the backend (as you did for the frontend).

    See another plugin which does it here (Maintenance Mode):

    Look a screenshot #4 (Plugin options, part 2) and you will see 2 fields:

    1. Access to blog front-end with capability (role)

    2. Access to blog administration / back-end with capability (role)

    The second field is missing in your plugin.

    I hope you’ll understand me better this time.


    I think, now I understand your wishes. You will, that you have a login for users, there also got to the backend, like Administrator and you will also a login option and a rewrite to the frontend, only frontend. THe two settings was only set via capability and not a role. right?

    Small hint, the plugin check the access via default capabilities. But in the list was only the role name. This was an issue, why many people dont understand a capability. The plugin use for different roles th highest capability object.

    Administrator — manage_options
    Editor — manage_categories
    Author — publish_posts
    Contributor — edit_posts
    Subscriber — read

    If no set a role, then check the plugin for manage_options capability.

    Now I have update with different logins for Frontend and Backend Users; also a option for rewrite after login for the frontend users.

    Hi Frank,

    That is great ! Thank you very much for this update which is a good improvement.

    There was a kind of misunderstanding between us, due to the fact that “wp-admin” is by default in the “Exclude” field. I didn’t pay attention to it and this is the reason why subscribers could go to the backend. So it was a mistake on my part.

    Anyway, I think “wp-admin” shouldn’t be indicated there by default because it can be confusing.

    Note that “Exclude” (without an “s”) would be better.

    “Role Backend” should be “Backend Role” and similarly “Role Frontend” should be “Frontend Role”.

    As for “Rewrite”, I think “Redirection” would be more understandable.


    I am sorry to tell you that there still remains problems:

    1) Problem #1 previously described is not fixed.

    I am going to give you an example to try and make you understand:

    1 – On a multisite installation, activate the plugin on the main blog and write “Test 01” in the “Text” field. Then deactivate the plugin on the main blog.

    2 – Activate the plugin on the network.

    You will see that “Test 01” is in the “Text” Field.

    3 – Write something else, for instance “Test 02”, save and refresh the page.

    >>> You will realize that “Test 01” appears again. And it is the same for every field.

    So network-wide the plugin doesn’t memorize your custom data but the data of the main blog.


    2) The “Rewrite” doesn’t work and the URL is not memorized in the field after saving and refreshing the page.


    3) If you clear the “Exclude” field, save and refresh the page “Array” always reappears in the field.


    thanks for this great feedback.
    Now I have fixed all your items; include the first one; the problem was easy, if I understand it.
    Also I have change the strings, thanks for this grammer hints!

    Hi Frank,

    Everything is OK except the redirection. It doesn’t work for me.

    Maybe there is something I don’t understand.

    If I indicate for instance I should be redirected to the home page of my site after logging in, in maintenance mode, which is not the case. I am still redirected to the dashboard.

    It is not a real problem for me since I use another plugin to manage redirections after logging in ( but anyway it was just to let you know.


    If you have set a role for the frontend access and also a url to your frontend, then is the goal, that the users with the login smaller the selectet role in frontend option redirect to the frontend.
    The role from Backend role was always access to backend.

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