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    With regards to the “wp-maintenance-mode” plugin – I have successfully used this plugin for a year or more using the built-in static themes, however when attempting to use the built in theme titled “Animate (Flash)” for the maintenance mode splash page on one of my sites, the animation never appears and/or fails to load completely (I checked using the latest versions of IE, FF, Chrome, and Safari browsers.), and then the server became overloaded. This caused a TOS violation since I am on a shared server and my site was pulled down by my hosting company.

    The plugin does appear to work properly when using the other built in themes though, however many monitoring services will show your site as down when in maintenance mode.

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  • MandyWhite


    Did this happen with the most recent version of the plug-in? It was updated two days before you made this post. I experienced your problem with the other version but, if I recall correctly, I never tried the themes. If I did try any of them, I’m pretty sure I would not have picked a Flash based theme. I remember I enabled it and it locked up the whole server. Based on the logs, it went into an endless loop of recursion when the first guest attempted to load the site (viewing it as admin didn’t cause the error to trigger). When it was triggered, it locked up the network and made the entire server unavailable until it was reset. However, the issue is no longer occuring with the current plugin version. I just tried the Flash template too, as well as a few others with different settings, and it worked perfectly, without any errors.

    Kudos to the developer for fixing the recursion bug. It’s an awesome plugin for a much needed feature. I only wish I knew of plugins like this back when Netsols servers were hacked and exploited via WordPress a few months ago. Having this feature included by default, would have saved 1,000s of sites from continuing to spread the hacker’s worm if only they could have closed their blogs on Netsol’s shared servers during the file clean-up process.



    @mandywhite – I was using version 1.6.6 when the problem arose (Jan4). I installed version 1.6.7 that day (Jan5), when it was pushed to the WP repository and yes everything seems to work properly now.

    And I agree, kudos to the developer for staying on top of things and continuing to update this useful plugin.

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