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  • The default email on WordPress is not what you put in General Settings, emails are sent from, that’s the default. So if you leave the From Email field blank, that’s the address WordPress will use.

    The plugin is working as expected, no bug.

    [Disclosure, I’m the plugin author.]

    Well, since I had E-mail address under General Settings (“This address is used for admin purposes, like new user notification.”) set to something else, it would seem this would override the default It does this for all other plugins I’m aware of.

    How is the plugin working as expected if it doesn’t use the admin e-mail address that is set?

    I’m sorry if this is not clear. Emails are sent from, that’s how WordPress works.

    This plugin doesn’t do anything to modify the sender email unless the “From Email” option is entered. Did you read something that led you to believe otherwise? I’ll try rewording if it’s not clear.

    [Disclosure, I’m the plugin author.]

    Check out the code where it says…

    if ( !isset( $from_email ) is used if From Email is _not_ set. Which is of course, reasonable.

    So, if a user has set From Email, like I do, that is the e-mail address that should be used in these cases.

    I’ve re-read this thread, and I think a point is being missed here.

    I’m saying that in my WordPress General Settings, not the plugin’s settings, I have the From Email set up. That is the default administrator e-mail, and all plugins I’ve seen use this.

    I’m saying that I shouldn’t have to re-enter this e-mail for this specific plugin unless I wanted it to be something different. But when I leave the field for your plugin empty, it’s using instead of the From Email I set up for WordPress in its General Settings.

    When I look at my blog General Settings, I see this option “E-mail address”. This is the admin_email value. It does not change the “from” address that WordPress uses when it sends emails. It is not called the “From address”.

    This plugin does not use the admin_email by default as the from address. As I understand your messages, you’re saying you think it ought to. My response to that is simple, please feel free to write whatever plugins you think ought to exist, the code is GPL. 🙂

    [Disclosure, I’m the plugin author.]

    So, what you’re saying is that I have to enter the same e-mail address in two different locations.

    All other notifications from my WordPress setup use the e-mail address I set up in WordPress. That’s why I thought it was a bit peculiar that one plugin won’t.

    I sense that you’re being difficult on purpose. That’s kind of sad, because you have a nice plugin, and this is a simple issue to fix.

    [Disclosure, I’m a software developer of 21 years.]

    Hahaha, I’m doing my best to be polite and nice given that somebody is effectively bitching about the code I wrote, that they’re using, for free.

    You keep whacking on about this admin email being used everywhere. It’s not. Deactivate the plugin, all emails come FROM wordpress@yourdomain. This plugin makes no change to the TO address, which is, you guessed it, the admin_email.

    I don’t think it’s a reasonable assumption to say that because somebody installs this plugin, they want the from email address on all emails to automatically be the admin_email. If I understand what you’re suggesting correctly, you’re saying that should be the default. How, then, would a user choose to have the “default” wordpress@mydomain as the from address? They’d be expected to enter that instead?

    In my opinion, the plugin does not change the from address unless the user explicitly asks it to. That seems like a sensible default to me. But like I said, if you feel strongly, by all means, create another plugin. Hell, if you feel strongly enough, I’ll hand over admin of this plugin and you can modify it as you see fit.

    Bottom line, the plugin works as expected and as described, the fact that you think it *ought* to be different is noted. If it’s a request I hear often I’ll consider changing the default.

    May I do anything else to be of service?

    [Disclosure, I’m the plugin author.]

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