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  • We’ve been using wp-mail-smtp successfully for a long time, but we have a project looming on the horizon that’s going to require setting up hundreds of blogs at once.

    One a one-by-one basis, the GUI settings work just. But when I attempt to transfer them into the wp-config file, only some mail goes through. Here’s the settings:

    /* WP Mail SMTP */
    define(‘WPMS_ON’, true);
    define(‘WPMS_MAIL_FROM’, ‘’);
    define(‘WPMS_MAIL_FROM_NAME’, ‘TLTC Blogs’);
    define(‘WPMS_MAILER’, ‘smtp’); // Possible values ‘smtp’, ‘mail’, or ‘sendmail’
    define(‘WPMS_SET_RETURN_PATH’, ‘false’); // Sets $phpmailer->Sender if true
    define(‘WPMS_SMTP_HOST’, ‘’); // The SMTP mail host
    define(‘WPMS_SMTP_PORT’, 25); // The SMTP server port number
    define(‘WPMS_SSL’, ”); // Possible values ”, ‘ssl’, ‘tls’ – note TLS is not STARTTLS
    define(‘WPMS_SMTP_AUTH’, false); // True turns on SMTP authentication, false turns it off
    define(‘WPMS_SMTP_USER’, ”); // SMTP authentication username, only used if WPMS_SMTP_AUTH is true
    define(‘WPMS_SMTP_PASS’, ”); // SMTP authentication password, only used if WPMS_SMTP_AUTH is true

    BTW, in case you are wondering, this is NOT an open relay.

    Again, these settings work fine when applied within an individual blog (tested with commenting these lines out of wp-config).

    But when applied globally:
    1) New blog setup messages go out to the administrator;
    1a) “Your new blog has been successfully set up” messages go out;
    2) Account activation messages do not go out;
    3) Messages from our contact forms (using Contact Form 7) go out;
    4) New comment notifications do not go out;

    Anyone recognize a pattern? Ideas?

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