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  • Why don’t you submit your solution to the repository.. It’s clear based on the actions I’ve seen that the author Eric Stoltz has no plans to fix this plugin..

    I posted some issues I found and my workarounds I came up with for this plugins shortcomings on his support forum. I posted my workarounds here as well (

    Eric Stoltz e-mailed me after I posted these issues on his site’s support forum, and indicated that he would be fixing the issues I reported. Not only has he NEVER updated this plugin (with the fixes he promised), he has deleted the support forum on his website for this plugin.

    So if you have fixed this plugin, perhaps you can submit an update or post a link to where others can access your corrected version.

    I will be very glad to contribute, but I’m a newbie in WP and in this forum and don’t know if it is correct – or even possible! – to commit to a repository. (don’t want to read all the stuff ;-)…)
    I appreciate your work and workarounds but I didn’t still applied.
    My fix is essential an upgrade to jpicker-1.1.6.min and a fix of some paths and variables.
    I would like to work with you if you want.

    @divavocals My solution seems to work with no modifications in your theme’s functions.php file also if your blog is in a folder.
    But I have a issue about password reset feature that seems not to work. Have you never tested it? As it is not possible to commit with no password, I would like to share the code with you, just write to me: [ email redacted ]

    <br />
    Error: Commit failed (details follow):<br />
    Error:  forbidden by the server<br />
    Error: Access to '/!svn/ver/452579/wp-login/trunk/themes/default/style.php' forbidden<br />

    LOL.. dunno how much help I can be as my workarounds were mostly hacks I came up with after doing a bity of poking and research around the web to get the plugin to work..(functional solution)

    It sounds like you did was to correct the way the plugin was constructed to begin with.. (BETTER solution)

    Doesn’t appear that Eric is coming back, and while I am familiar with the process for submitting contribs on the Zen Cart forum, I too have never investigated doing it in WordPress.. Dunno if I wanna either.. **LOL** However, I would be happy to host your version on my site though if you’d like to chat about it a bit.. (I’ll e-mail you)

    For me it’s important to have someone testing my code and suggesting enhancements. Glad to collaborate with you.

    Cool.. Look out for my e-mail in a few..

    I fixed – hopefully – all the issues, aligned to WP 3.3.2 standards, removed all deprecated calls and updated to jpicker last version 1.1.6.
    I would like to give my work to the owner of this plugin and to all the people interested in it. Please contact me!

    I just tested your latest version and I still can’t get the lost password to work.. Dunno who marked this post resolved, but I would say that it’s not quite resolved..

    Also I think it makes more sense for you to submit this (either as an update or a fork) In my opinion the original author has shown ZERO interest in the upkeep/maintenance/general operation of this plugin..

    and before anyone CRUCIFIES me.. let me say this.. Yes I know the plugin is free.. yes I get that people do this in their FREE time, and YES I get that the original author may have personal or business interests that TRUMP updates/maintenance to free mods.. All of that said doesn’t negate the fact that this is a seemingly abandoned mod, and since it is open source, I think that he who does the work should get the credit.. and right now the person who should get the credit for picking up this plugin and fixing it is faina09.. ’tis all..

    Are you guys still working on this plugin?
    I think I have found the solution for the registration and the lost password links not working.

    In wp-login_modified.php there are several lines that include the text
    “?action=lostpassword” and “?action=register”

    Changing “?” to “&” seems to have fixed the problem for me.
    The next problem I’m working on is when a user logs out, they get re-directed to my forum and are not logged out.

    Yes, tnx but I know. I fixed some other issues: if you want the new code drop me a line [ email redacted ]

    Faina09, can you send me the latest as well?? Would love to test as well.. Is the latest version different than the last one you sent to me??

    I tried the fixes by faina09 but they didn’t help in my situation.

    I’m using the WordPress login page inside of my current activated theme
    and i think that is where the problem lies.
    right now I am having problems logging out. when i click “logout” I get re-directed to my forums page.

    what’s the theme you’re using. I used the plugin inside some themes with no issues. And/or can you provide your site address?

    still doing alot of testing.
    I’m using Blogolife theme.

    Web page is not public yet. I’m running everything off a server in my office.

    strange problems.

    1. deactivated the forum plugin but it still works
    2. login plugin does not offer logout
    3. when forum plugin is activated, and i’m using another plugin (login logout) the logout redirects me to the forum. when the forum is deactivated i get redirected to the forum.

    4. when i login i get sent to the dashboard

    still testing. I am going to try your solutions again but will have to fix the problem with the “?” and “&” mentioned in above post

    The problem with ? and & is already fixed in zip I sentd you. I’ll try now with Bloglife theme. Do you run WP 3.4.1? PHP and My SqlVersions?

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