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    Using Google Chrome, using this editor corrupted my style.css by escaping characters,

    i.e. changing this: `/* Plugins CSS */
    @import url(‘../hybrid/library/css/plugins.css’); `

    into this: `/* Plugins CSS */
    @import url(\’../hybrid/library/css/plugins.css\’); `

    I had to revert to an old version of my style sheet when I realized this since I didn’t want to manually go through the file and remove unnecessary \

    Hola Sergio, thanks for this plugin – it does work & has helped me immensely in getting the style I wanted much faster, but unfortunately I can confirm that Ovidiu is correct. I’m using Chrome, after a couple of days of editing with Live CSS Editor, it stopped working properly & the ‘\’ bug had inflated my 79KB .css file to 3mb.

    If it can be worked on I’ll definitely start using it again. Working properly it cuts so much time off development.

    Plugin Author funlab


    Hola !
    I’d love to have answered before but I’m a 7 months girl father and a happy one, and could never get a minute before the computer till almost lastnight…
    Anyway, I just updated the plugin with the code from the original Drupal module by guybedford, and this solves almost all of the problems that have been pointed out.
    Another awesome live CSS editor from Drupal:

    Thanks. I gave up on this since there was no answer for such a long time but will test it again whenever I get the time.
    Will mark this is closed for the time being.

    Awesome, thanks for the update! Will check it out again & congratulations on being a father!

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    thanks !!!

    I’m wondering if this plugin is still being worked on.
    While I am able to use it and then deactivate it, it does interfere with the admin side which it doesn’t show up on, but changes the dashboard layout to match the frontend. leaving a big empty space on the right side of the dashboard.

    Also, if a search for a plugin is done while this plugin is activated, and you click on the details for a listed plugin, the popup is also reformatted and you cannot see the details because the right side of the information box is blank.

    I had to edit the css for this plugin so that I could read the display, the dark background with the dark blue text is almost unreadable. While it may look cute, it isn’t practical. So, a menu item in the dashboard to allow a different background color would be nice, otherwise, having to change the css for the plugin in order to be able to use it is kind of silly.

    Otherwise, I really like what this plugin affords in time savings being able to edit css and watch the changes as I work out the way I want the frontend to look is a great addition to developing and editing layouts.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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