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  • Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_current_user() in (insert domain name here) /wp-includes/capabilities.php on line 1187

    hosted on a hostgator site. using a WOOTHEME. Not a good experience. Deleted it. Hope you’re able to track issue and fix as having something that allows you to create css visually and modify it would be a great thing.

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    Have you tried this fix for that error, as the developer posted on the plug-in info page:

    You may need to fix a bug in wp-includes/capabilities.php, inserting the following line at the begining:


    See this thread about it:

    i did not have a chance to do that as this took down a very active site and i had to restore it from a backup. Will try on another site on another day and see. thanks for the note.

    Okay, used the fix, got the plugin installed, used the twenty eleven theme and created a new page and a new post and saw no where that this plugin would be available for usage. So I would say that it needs more testing and is not 3.3.2 usable. No more time for me to play with this. Looking for a true css editor that can create containers, menus, etc. live and allow color changes, shadow changes, type changes and render these so that a user can view them, then take the generated code and insert that into a theme and go from there.

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    Hi !
    docmurdock, sorry to hear that you had to restore your site from backup after using the plugin. I can’t understand how that could happen. Couldn’t you just erase the plugin files or disable it? I can’t see how it could actually “take down” the site, since it doesn’t change anything at all nor saves any config anywhere. And if you use it and save changes to the CSS with which you are not happy, it does backup your former CSS and you can restore those just by renaming them through any FTP program.
    I’d like to help you with the plugin if you still think it might be usefull for you. But I’d need to understand what exactly did go wrong.
    Can you explain what you mean with “saw no where that this plugin would be available for usage”. I have used it with 3.3.2 without trouble. (Other than the fix that zoonini -thankyou- kindly pointed out, which worked for me)
    Now, I don’t know if I understand you, but no CSS editor will “create” containers or menus. It will just apply CSS styles on DOM elements, but not create things. What this plugin does is the same that you can do -among many other more brilliant things- with firebug or Web Developer firefox extensions, that is, edit any CSS file that is loaded on your site, and see the changes live, with the only added benefit that it allows you to save your changes on the fly.
    In Drupal there’s also the sweaver module, which does the same, but in an entirely graphical way -you choose the CSS selector by clicking on a breadcrumb trail, and then use the graphic interface to choose colors, change properties…
    Anyway, hope your site is doing well after the restore and that it didn’t take you much effort. Again, if I can help in anyway, I’d be happy !

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