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  • Maybe it’s just me, the instructions are simple and as an experienced user I followed them. It just doesn’t work.

    When I search for more instructions I get several different solutions, some of which just completely break the site (blank screen).

    Maybe it just needs better instructions.

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  • +1 !!

    +1 for sure. I’ve followed the instructions, and no luck. This really should not be this hard.

    If you have any questions, i may help you.. It works for me.. after reading the code.

    Plugin Author oncletom


    Hi all of you.

    What kind of improvements do you suggest? I’d be really happy to hear the encountered difficulties you had so as I can better understand what I must improve.

    Thanks guys and sorry for the delay 🙂

    For everyone i write in english.. ‘comme un bon français’.. LOL !!
    First suggestion, this plugin could support the lastest phpless version 0.3.8 i think.
    Best regards

    Plugin Author oncletom


    It’s the case since the latest update of the plugin, 2 days ago.

    I just wrestled a bit with this plugin and got it working. Indeed it is very easy to use and requires almost no configuration. I am now coding directly in LESS and refreshing the page automatically generates appropriate CSS files. Amazing!

    However I do think some changes in the instructions would be of a lot of help. First of all I noticed that the code you use in your wiki is not valid; be aware of the difference between using ‘ and ` and ‘.

    More effectively would be a more foolproof approach for people not wanting to dive into the code. I am thinking defining a folder (let’s say /less/ in the theme directory) in which .less files will automatically be wp_enqueued. Another option is an interface for the plugin in which the LESS files can be defined.

    Let me know if I can help with any of these things, really like this initiative!

    Plugin Author oncletom


    Hi jorijnsmit,

    thanks for your updates in the instructions. Things got clearer 🙂
    I fixed the quotes btw. I used IA Writer to write stuff in the train but I forgot it replaced them with proper chars (textually speaking).

    As I’m pretty excited by your proposal, I see some drawbacks like the import order in the /less directory.

    I am much more favorable to a proper UI but… if someones can write LESS code, code a theme and already write a wp_enqueue_stylesheet, I guess it can write my_stylesheet.less instead of my_sylesheet.css in this function.

    I have to think about it to imagine what expectation it would fullfil.

    You are welcome!

    I think you are right about the fact that the difficulty of manually defining the .less sheets isn’t too much for people already coding LESS or their own theme.

    I read your admin panel feature after I proposed the /less/ idea and think it is better, although you can again ask till what extend it is necessary.

    Only question that remains for me is why the .css files are written to a separate folder and have a random string attached? Them popping up next to the .less files with the same filename would appear more intuitive to me.

    Plugin Author oncletom


    Well, files are generated in the wp-content/uploads folder, the one defined by WordPress to be writeable. It is the only folder that is mandatory writeable so I rely on this to be totally sure the compilation process will be successful.

    The random string appended to the file is used for Webperformance cache busting purpose. Some servers configuration (like HTML5Boilerplate defaults htaccess) caches stylesheets for weeks/months.
    We want an immediate download in the browsers for a changed compiled stylesheet.
    This can be done only with a different filename, nothing more.

    It is though much more compliant with anything with almost no configuration.

    I think the Installation page should include this list as a 4th step :
    WP-LESS Gitbub – Common Usage

    I think the problem is mainly people not understanding how to properly add things to the header : through add_action() in functions.php. I have to admin it isn’t all that obvious to beginners and most people prefer to skip the (lengthy) WP documentation.

    Good point, probably not everyone is going to check the project’s wiki on GitHub by themselves.

    Plugin Author oncletom



    This is a good idea to leverage users level as enqueuing stylesheets SHOULD BE their preferred way to include stylesheets in their themes.

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