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[Plugin: WP Jump Menu] Can Draft posts be added?

  • Thanks for this plugin. Excellent concept. Excellent execution. Simplicity itself to use.

    It only seems to include posts and pages which have been Published.

    Any chance of a tweak for it to also include ‘Draft’ posts since those are the ones we tend to re-visit and jump between the most during iterative editing sessions.


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  • Plugin Author James Krill


    Great idea.

    I’ll implement it tonight.

    Plugin Author James Krill


    Ok. Just pushed up version 2.2.8.

    Added the ability to select per post type if you want to show drafts or not. You’ll find it in the post type table on the WP Jump Menu options page.

    Let me know if you experience any bugs with it. Drafts should show up at the top of the lists, in a lighter grey color.

    Thanks for the update. Much appreciated.

    Seems to be a problem with the “Show Drafts” option for Pages and Posts with some Published posts no longer appearing in the Jump Menu


    No Drafts
    Show Drafts

    Plugin Author James Krill


    Do you have the show value set to -1 (show all) or to something like 5?

    I’ll look into that and update it as soon as I can.

    Plugin Author James Krill


    Ok. I think I fixed the problem. Updating to version 2.2.9 right now. Go ahead and update and let me know if that fixed it or if you are experiencing the same problem.


    Excellent work, Jim. Works a treat.

    Thanks very much.

    At risk of stretching the friendship, would it be hard to add Scheduled Posts to the dropdown too?

    Plugin Author James Krill


    That’s a good idea.

    I had that thought as I went in and was doing drafts – that there are other types of posts to… scheduled posts but also posts pending review.

    I’ll work that into version 2.3 in the next couple weeks.


    I look forward to version 2.3 when it’s released. Thanks Jim.

    Plugin Author James Krill


    Just updated to 2.3.

    Please let me know if you find any bugs or if it stops working.

    I totally redid how you select post status – so you’ll probably need to go back in and reselect drafts. Now you can select ANY post status!

    Thanks for your suggestions!

    Thanks for the prompt update, Jim. Really appreciated. Working OK here so far.

    2.3 makes it an excellent plugin now. VERY useful for authoring productivity and efficiency.

    Minor point: any way of changing the lime green font colour for Future posts?

    Suggestions for future release:

    1) perhaps add an option to sort posts in the drop down by status and date e.g. all Published grouped together, all Future grouped etc

    2) perhaps include date of publication (whether past or future) with posts in dropdown. Or, might be better to show dates for Scheduled posts only? (just a thought).

    PS My wife says “Thanks” since she’s also using it daily 🙂

    Plugin Author James Krill


    Oh yeah! The green color. Didn’t even think to check that – that was just a placeholder. Any suggestions for what color to use for future posts? I didn’t want it to be grey, since it WILL BE published and visible, and not red because that is trash… perhaps just a darker green?

    Good suggestions. I’ll see if I can figure out how to group them together. Have you tried the “Order By” field? Does that change anything?

    Plugin Author James Krill


    There was a bug when updating to the new version, and if you hadn’t selected any post status yet – I fixed that and I changed the lime green to dark green.

    I think in the next release I’ll make options on the options page to select the color to use for the different status’. That wouldn’t be too hard to do.

    Thanks again for the suggestions!

    Just installed 2.3.1.

    I’m not seeing any color coding on Future posts. No dark green. Just plain grey text like the rest.


    Re: Order By – yes, tried every option. That’s what prompted my suggestion.

    The Order By dropdown only permits one field to sort on. Date is best for me in that list.

    But I thought it would be a nice touch to sort by Status then Date.
    Or even a simple checkbox to group/ungroup Statuses in the dropdown list.

    Plugin Author James Krill


    I’ll look into the color thing, and into options for grouping/ungrouping.


    Plugin Author James Krill


    Updated to 2.3.3 with choice of colors.

    I’m not sure about the sorting… I mean, I could set it up for posts (like it is for pages) that the drafts and any other types beside published get displayed first… but I’m not sure. I’ll think about that.

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