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    Thank you for creating this plugin, I have been trying to get jScrollPane working manually and I was at the point of tearing out what little hair I have left. This plugin worked first time and it’s idiot proof! Thanks

    I would like to request 2 features for future versions.

    1. The ability to hide(or force) X or Y overflow on your container that jScrollPane has been applied to. E.g if you have content that only requires people to scroll vertically, but for some reason a horizontal scroll bar has also appeared, you can override it and stop it from appearing.

    2. Ability to add photoshopped designs for your scrollbars, gutters and caps, in jpg, gif, png etc.

    3. Some cool html 5 effects like animation or gradients.

    Thanks again!

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  • How did you do it? I still cannot work it out.

    I have the plugin installed, what do i do now?

    Do you use firefox or chrome? Download a plugin called “firebug”, I used that too find out exactly which containers I needed for the plugin fields

    Thank you so much. I have both so i’ll give that a go on Monday. My site is is it possible to replace the scroll bar on my comments with jscrollpane do you know?

    You have some jquery script controlling the style so I’m not sure but all you should need to do is add “#blog_comm” to the plugin field (remove quotes)

    I’m really grateful for your time and willingness to help. Sorry for my ignorance but i have this in my comments <div id=”blog_comm”style=”jQuery(function() {
    jQuery(‘#content’).jScrollPane({showArrows: true});
    Is that what you meant by the plugin field?

    no, when you log into your wordpress control panel, NS jscrollpane plugin is enabled it will have it’s own section. Inside this section you will find an area were you will be to add the containers you wish to apply the custom scrollbars to.

    So add #blog_comm as the indentifier?


    Thanks again. Has not worked for some reason so i’ll keep playing.

    can you take a screen shot of the plugin section so I can see what you’ve inputted

    It started working but it only works on the first post for some reason. If i add another post it will work on that but the previous post reverts to the default browser scroll bar.

    Thanks you again for all of your help. I’ll keep looking to find what is holding it back from the other post, something small in the comments php i’m guessing.

    how odd. Sorry I couldn’t have been more helpful, good luck anyway.


    It was working the entire time since adding #blog_comm as the identifier but because there was no comments on the first post i did not see it and it was not working on anything beyond the first post.

    The problem seems that there was only one call for the identifier per page which in my case is blog_comm

    So in the file wp-jscrollpane/js/wpjsp.js i found the call and added add(‘#blog_comm’). five times (i have six post per page) and all is well.

    I may not have explained that using the correct terms as i don’t know squat about code but it should be easy to get the idea if anyone else runs into the same problem.

    Thanks for all your attention larssonk22,

    cool man!

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