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    I set up my WP ScrollPane settings like this..

    And then I created a WP page, and marked up the code like this..

    <div class=".th_sp_intDesc">Lorem ipsum ut agam nihil nec. Tale errem tincidunt ad est, brute verear delicata vel te, sanctus lucilius duo id. Summo disputationi ex eam, mei sale augue interesset te. Mel philosophia complectitur ne, ne eros eirmod consetetur pri, per minim eligendi an. Detracto appellantur ex vel. Graeci scripserit ne nec.
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    But it doesn’t work.
    I wish there was instructions on how to implement it – the jscrollpane information site is for people who know how to understand it – I’m a dummy. I just want to use it.

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    It would appear as if you put a ‘.’ in your class.

    <div class=”.whatever”>….</div>

    should be

    <div class=”whatever”>….</div>

    notice the missing dot.

    I will clean up the instructions once I have a better grasp on common problems people run into.
    That dot is a CSS identifier for a class. So you would name the class class=”className”, and then refer to it on the settings page with a .className. If you used an id=”idName” then you would refer to it with #idName.

    Thank you – but unfortunately removing the dot from <div class=”th_sp_intDesc”> didn’t work.

    Here’s the page I’m testing on..

    I just thought I would try including a height attribute to the div tag, thinking that might trigger the scroller; but that didn’t do it either.

    Plugin Author cornfeed


    your wpjsp.js and wpjsp.css are not populated with anything. either you didnt hit save or something…do you have cpanel? can you get into phpmyadmin? if you can, check your wp_options for ‘wpjsp-‘… stuff. if there is nothing then something is up.

    I keep seeing cpanel mentioned everywhere.
    I’m on a Mac, and I think that’s a PC thing yes?

    I’m on my iPad right now, and have to get on my Mac.
    I’ll submit this, and then check the mySQL – I don’t use PHPMyAdmin, but I have a mySQL editing client which I use instead. I’ll check it out an get back to you.

    Let me show you what I found when looking for the items in the mySQL tables for my active install of WordPress on my server (a 2 minute movie) ..

    Thanks so much for sticking with me on this.

    Actually – it’s a 3 minute movie – sorry about that.

    Wait a minute..
    I just discovered that the WP DB I thought was being used for the active site, is not the one I looked in.

    Here’s what I found..

    Plugin Author cornfeed

    On this page I have included screen shots where I made everything just like you and it is working as you will see. When I looked at your link, there is no CSS or JS being written. Your php.ini may not be letting fopen() do it’s job, at which point you would need to personally trouble shoot it. I suggest you start going through your logs.

    Let me know if I can do anything else.

    Plugin Author cornfeed


    go to Dashboard->Plugins->Editor and select wp jscrollpane.
    on the right hand side you will find two files, wpjsp.js and wpjsp.css. those two files need to have stuff in them for it to work. and it writes those files when you hit save.

    Sorry it took this long to respond to your last post – it’s been wildly busy around here.

    I followed your last instructions..

    go to Dashboard->Plugins->Editor and select wp jscrollpane.
    on the right hand side you will find two files, wpjsp.js and wpjsp.css. those two files need to have stuff in them for it to work. and it writes those files when you hit save.

    Both were empty.

    Here’s a short screen capture movie showing what I did and what I found.

    Thanks for all your kind help on this.

    Plugin Author cornfeed


    As I wrote in the post above, this seems to be a problem with your local webserver, something which you will need to troubleshoot on your own. The best I can tell you, is I use fopen() and fwrite() to perform the editing.

    For at least testing, fill in these files with the related content.

    var $j = jQuery.noConflict();$j(function(){jQuery(document).ready(function($){$('.th_sp_intDesc').jScrollPane({showArrows: true,horizontalGutter: 10,verticalGutter: 10,verticalArrowPositions: 'split',horizontalArrowPositions: 'split',});});});

    .th_sp_intDesc .jspHorizontalBar {height:10px !important;}.th_sp_intDesc .jspVerticalBar {width:10px !important;}.th_sp_intDesc .jspCap {display:block;background:#8f6128;}.th_sp_intDesc .jspHorizontalBar .jspCap {width:10px;height:100%;}.th_sp_intDesc .jspVerticalBar .jspCap {height:10px;}.th_sp_intDesc .jspArrow {background:#000000;}.th_sp_intDesc .jspDrag {background:#275791 !important;}.th_sp_intDesc .jspTrack {background:#388f27 !important;}

    [Please post code snippets between backticks or use the code button.]

    Try entering things in manually.

    Well, I have exactly the same problem after hit save in the plugin panel the css and js files don’t get any content written on them. So I checked out php configuration and I’m allowing fopen function to be executed, so I just gave the plugin folder a 777 chmod, and that’s it, it’s now working. Hope this help, you can go to your web server cpanel and verify writing permission on the files.



    Hello there,

    I’ve been trying to use the WP jScrollPane for my site and i’m not getting any results.

    It’s strange because everything seems to be in place for it to work, but it’s not!

    I’ve set the identifier up and checked that the “wp-jscrollpane/js/wpjsp.js” file is registering my options from the plugin admin section, but still nothing…

    Can anybody help me out??? i would greatly appreciate it 🙂

    the page i’m working on is here –

    Thanks in advance!



    @sweetandsound, actually it is working in chrome but not in IE and FireFox, firstly you must sort out the errors reported in chrome console, you got 6 (all related with javascript), the one directly related with jscrollpane is: “Uncaught TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method ‘jScrollPane'”. In the firebug you got this error massage for the jscrollpane: “$(“#main”).jScrollPane is not a function
    Line 1″



    Hi danrmejia,

    Thanks for your help. I just checked my header file and realized i had an old script from the non-WP version of scrollpane that i was trying to use before this which i deleted. I also had ::-webkit-scrollbar styling the frame which only works on IE and safari.

    I’ve taken these things off, but I’m not really sure how to fix the javascript errors as i’m very new to it.

    Could you tell me the best way of finding these errors?

    Thanks a lot!

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