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  • It could be that I updated a few plug-ins (although I have done it before), but jquery-lightbox plug-in had suddenly stopped working. All galleries had gone from nice to just sending me to image in the blog post?! or in the tab, when I click on image. The link goes directly to the image file. I have also updated WP to V3.6.1 recently

    Every listing has a gallery. I found jQuery Lightbox very convenient and simple. It worked well until now. I haven’t made any changes in the code and all plug-ins are pretty much the same as they were for quite some time. I checked header.php and footer.php to make sure that everything is OK there, after reading these lines :
    Make sure your theme calls wp_head() and wp_footer() correctly.

    In one of the forums people attributed malfunction of jQuery Lightbox to WP recent migration?!?! Something about image links directed to the old … whatever… servers or something.

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  • chinka


    Funny (well… not really in fact). Same for me since I updated my WordPress to 3.6.1.

    Is there a fix for this bug ?



    Well, I couldn’t find any solutions for this problem. I have found out however that this problem occurs with nearly every plug-in that uses jQuery Lightbox. Subsequently, they all didn’t produce Lightbox effect. Some plugins were partially broken, some 100% broken.
    My “FIX’ was simple. I needed galleries and so I researched for what was available on the market and after trying out a few, I stumbled upon SimpleViewer Gallery plugin. Although it works more like a gallery, I didn’t have to redo my old galleries. Plugin picked up on all images “uploaded to this post” and generated a new gallery.
    It is a bit of a tedious process, to regenerate new gallery in every post (listing in my case) but I found it a suitable replacement. I am unaware if this problem will be addressed in the next WP release. You certainly can wait. I decided not to…



    I had the same problem on a friend’s site that I take care of. The problem is with nextgen gallery. Rolling back to version 1.9.12 fixed it. (I knew to try this because I was having other problems with the newer versions of NextGen, and rolling back fixed those previously.)



    The plug in hs stopped working for me too.

    I think it’s is from the most recent WordPress update



    It also never worked for me, maybe because this is the first time I install this plugin using the latest WordPress version as well.



    Never mind, my issue is solved by adding <?php wp_footer(); ?> in the footer. I forgot that in my theme.



    I have the same problem… I updated my version of WordPress to 3.6.1 too but I’m not sure about the problem…Maybe the author will update the plugin..

    The plug-in (1.4.5 on 3.7.1) works only when I am logged out. I get an error on the firebug console on /wp-includes/js/admin-bar.min.js?ver=3.7.1

    I have same problem but it work again after I clear all cache.

    and I also upgrade to Jetpack Tiled-Galleries version.

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